Traveling with Your Dog

More Americans are traveling with their dogs than ever. Before your take your dog on a major road trip, there are a few important safety precautions you should consider:

1. Plan your route accordingly. Sporting breed dogs need to be active, so plan plenty of long stops for exercise. A bored dog can destroy a car's interior.

2. Give your dog access to fresh water in the vehicle or during frequent stops.

3. Make sure your dog is seated in a secure area and unable to hinder the driver.

4. Older dogs may need a ramp to comfortably get in and out of a vehicle. Senior dogs and puppies can hurt their backs jumping into a tall SUV or truck seat.

5. If possible, buckle your dog in for car trips. This will keep him safe in case of an accident and prevent him from running out into traffic when you stop.

6. And, most importantly, never leave your dog in a car unattended and without fresh air. Fatal heat stroke can occur very quickly.

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