Travel insurance for medical conditions, trip cancellation and more with Orvis International Travel

Buying travel insurance is easy and affordable with April Travel Protection designed with Orvis customers in mind. We strongly recommend that you purchase travel insurance.

Have you recently sought medical care or treatment for new symptoms? Had any changes in medications? Our valued customers always ask us about pre-existing medical coverage.

April Travel Protection offers two plans, the Economy and VIP plans. Purchase either plan within 14 days of booking your trip and you'll be waived from the plan’s pre-existing conditions exclusion. Your best option is to purchase the travel protection at the same time you reserve your trip — that way you know you're covered.

Also, you have up to 14 days to review the plan and “opt-out”, if for any reason you are not satisfied. Simply call April Travel Protection at 855 APRIL USA and ask them to remove you from the travel insurance.

This quality travel insurance covers trip cancellation fees, the cost of delays, lost baggage, emergency medical and much more. When issues arise while traveling, you simply contact April Travel Protection. They will coordinate the solution for you, pay for it on the spot and prevent you from having to go through a claims reimbursement process. You can call it Instant Claims Adjudication, but they believe “Stress Less Benefits” has a nicer ring to it.

April Travel Protection

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