Hydros 3D WF Trout

This textured fly line for trout floats high for perfect presentations. Made in USA.


The finest textured fly line for trout you can put on a reel. Fully engineered with features to improve your cast and presentation for greater productivity on the stream. Enjoy the feel of minimal friction in your casting stroke. 3D texturing combined with IS, our most versatile trout taper, the new Hy-Flote Tip, and the new and improved welded loop, combine to offer the finest trout line we've ever offered.

1. 3D Technology Microtexture surface reduces surface friction, improves flotation, and eliminates tangling.
2. Hy-Flote Tip — Highly specialized Micro-balloonsTM concentrated in the front of the line to produce high floating tips.
3. IS (Integrated Slickness) additive is integrated throughout the PVC layer to provide lubrication for maximum distance, performance and durability.
4. Orvis Line ID — Quickly and easily identify your line, no more guessing. All of our lines will be printed with the taper, weight, and functionality.
5. Enhanced Welded Loop — New sleek and durable welded loop makes leader attachment quick and easy while holding up to repeated use. Helps to transfer energy more efficiently to the leader allowing better turnover.
6. Core — Braided multifilament core provides excellent performance over a wide range of conditions.
7. Environmentally Responsible Packaging — Our new paper pulp spool, made from recycled cardboard and kraft paper, is 100% compostable and further enhances our commitment to protect our natural resources.
In olive dun. 90'. Line weights 4-6. Made in USA.


Overall: Show Rating Distribution 4.8 / 5 based on 77 reviews


72 of 77 reviewers would recommend this product to a friend.

  • 5/5

    Great Fly Line - 2/3/2015
    By: from West Lothian, Scotland
    Top 250 Contributor

    Fantastic product. Take my comfortable casting distance and add 20+ foot its that good. The 3D texture makes for smooth casts and it floats superbly.

  • 5/5

    Fly line - 1/23/2015
    By: from Sheffield

    Casts well with effort or line memory only used twice but am looking forward to using this coming season

  • 5/5

    can't wait to get on the river - 1/13/2015
    By: from Shepperton,UK

    I cannot wait to get on the river to show the brownies who is boss with the best line on the market.

  • 5/5

    Great lines - 12/30/2014
    By: from Wellesley MA

    These are high quality lines that cast well and seem to avoid some of the curliness of the cheaper lines. I found the texture a but odd at first - to the point that I thought that the line had been damaged! However I then realise they are supposed to be like that!

  • 5/5


  • 5/5

    By: from Houston, tx

    Great product, and it was on sale making it a killer value in the end

  • 5/5


  • 5/5


  • 5/5

    Everything Needed - 12/17/2014
    By: from Greensburg, PA

    For SWPA & NCPA this is all I need for trout fishing. I got this in WF4 and it set well on reel and kept good balance on the rod and reel. Definintely worth the sale price I got it for.

  • 5/5

    3D WF Trout Line - 12/15/2014
    By: from SLC, UT

    This Fly Line is by far the best I've used. It fishes excellent in riffles, long runs, pocket water, and cuts through wind dropping you flies as if you were placing them on the water. You won't regret upgrading to the Orvis 3D line to up your fishability, regardless of your fishing style.

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