Orvis Tempur-Pedic® Deep Dish Dog Bed

Your beloved companion will appreciate the superb comfort of this Tempur-Pedic Dog Bed.


A sleek shape, a quilted or faux shearling sleep surface, and a streamlined bolster make our Deep Dish one great-looking dog bed. Built like a couch, with extra length for multiple dogs or for dogs who like to stretch out, this plush microfiber Tempur-Pedic dog bed provides security and cozy support and features a 4"-thick cushion of this world-renowned material. This handsome design not only is comfortable for your dogs, but also fits well in your home. Tempur-Pedic dog bed has a water-resistant liner. Cover is removable and washable. USA and imported.

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  • Small 35½" x 25½" outside dimensions, dogs up to 40 lbs.
  • Medium 40" x 26½" outside dimensions, dogs 40-60 lbs.
  • Large 50" x 37" outside dimensions, dogs 60-120 lbs.

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    Overall: Show Rating Distribution 4.6 / 5 based on 51 reviews


    46 of 51 reviewers would recommend this product to a friend.

    • 5/5

      By: from Longmont, CO

      I bought this product in the medium size for my Field Springer Spaniel and couldn't keep my pug out of it even though it was way too big for him. I bought the small size and my Pug just loves it. He has problems with his hip so I wanted something to help so he wouldn't be so stiff and also something he could just walk into without a lip. It still provides a nice ridge on the back for him to put his head. Both dogs are happy campers!

    • 5/5

      A big hit - 10/16/2014
      By: from Culver Lake, New Jersey

      I could barely get this new bed out of the box before my dog tried to climb on it. Both dog and I are very pleased with this new Orvis bed.

    • 5/5

      Best purchase for my dogs! - 10/14/2014

      This bed is incredible. Our dogs love them. We have a 15 year old miniature poodle and he now sleeps much better on it and he loves the high sides were he can rest his head and he feels safe in it:)

    • 5/5

      Comfortable Bed - 10/13/2014
      By: from Washington DC

      I purchased this dog bed to 'lure' my Dobermans off of our new bed and so far it has worked very well. These comfort loving dogs like the Tempur-Pedic bed so much that they stay on it most of the night. It does appear shockingly hard at first, but that support and the generous size of the bed appeals to them. The pile of abandoned dog beds will now be donated to the shelter.

    • 5/5

      Your dog deserves the best... - 9/30/2014
      By: from Jacksonville, FL

      I suppose that if we spend a third of our life sleeping and WE deserve a good rest, don't our "fur-babies" deserve the best too? They, who spend a good 75% of their days sleeping...yet even the smallest of them constantly sleep with one eye open, always ready to bark up an alarm, always ready to serve, protect and defend! Our Boudreaux is a spoiled boy, I will grant that...with one of these beds down stairs and another upstairs! He has the finest bed(s) in the house! My primary concern when we purchased the first bed was "Will he use it?" I shouldn't have been concerned...it is much more comfortable than anyone's lumpy old lap! Much like his crate, his Bed is his sanctuary, he knows it is "His Spot"...even when taking vacations, he knows "That area is MINE!" I took him to play at my son's home one day...and after a good workout, I noticed that he was roaming the house as if he were looking for something...it didn't take long to figure out that he was looking for the comfort of his Orvis bed in the sea of all that HARDwood! I can't recommend these beds highly enough! Easy to wipe up the ugliest "accident" or effects of tummy upset..yet stay smelling fresh! Highest quality material, and true TEMPURPEDIC memory foam cannot be surpassed in providing years of comfort for your best 4-legged friend! Highly recommend!

    • 5/5

      Tempur-Pedic Dog Bed - 9/23/2014

      This dog bed is the greatest; we beds; two Labs; they love their beds; they sleep soundly; its hard to get them up in the morning!!!

    • 5/5

      My Kitties Say Not Just for Dogs - 5 Stars! - 8/18/2014
      By: from Omaha, NE

      I purchased this bed in June - primarily for my eldest cat, who is almost 11. Teddy has started to demonstrate behaviors that indicate he is experiencing muscle & joint pain. I wanted to do everything I could to make his day-to-day life easier. So I elevated his food dishes, made "easy-to-access" litter boxes out of Rubbermaid storage containers, and decided I needed to buy him a new bed. I felt like Teddy needed something that would be similiar to the beds he had been used to sleeping on, but at the same time something that he could easily access from the floor without having to jump or step up. Cats also also like to be "surrounded" or "enclosed" when they sleep versus being on an exposed, open surface. I looked for months, and thought I was never going to find anything even close to what I was looking for! Then one day when I was searching online, I found the Orivs memory foam beds. They looked like everything I had been searching for, so I decided to go for it. Teddy sleeps in his Orvis all the time and even shares with his 2 sisters! Happy I got a Medium! LUV IT!

    • 1/5

      too hard for small dogs - 8/4/2014

      Way too hard for my little Chihuahua puppies. They won't use it.

    • 2/5

      Hard as a rock, something changed - 7/14/2014
      By: from Georgia

      We just purchased a third one of these for our house as we expanded our furry family. The new one is incredibly hard and neither dog would even lay down on it. The older version was much better and the love those beds. The look of the bed and covering is still great, but something has changed with the memory foam itself.

    • 3/5

      Hard as a board - 4/20/2014
      By: from Texas

      We've had 3 tempur-pedic dog beds and they've been superb, but this one is like a rock. Adults can stand on it with little indentation. It is surprisingly disappointing. We thought a board was inside, it was so hard.

    Learn More

    Memory Foam

    All memory foam is not created equal

    Our memory foam is engineered specifically for dogs.Orvis memory foam dog beds are simply the best therapeutic dog beds you can buy. Our memory foam has been engineered specifically for dogs, whose weight is distributed over a much smaller surface area than humans. All Orvis memory foam dog beds incorporate the following features:

    • High-Density Foam allows your dog to sink in just enough to achieve optimum support.
    • Open-Cell Technology provides optimum comfort while helping maintain your dog’s body temperature.
    • An ENTIRE slab of memory foam is used in every Orvis memory foam dog bed—not simply a thin layer glued to poor-performing conventional foam.

    Our beds feature a full slap of memory foam - not simply a thin layer.These combined features ensure that your dogs will experience maximum comfort when sleeping, and feel better when they’re awake.

    Memory foam beds can ease the discomfort and stiffness associated with joint and muscle pain, whether from age, arthritis, hip dysplasia, or injury. By conforming to your dog's individual body shape, less stress and pressure are put on the joint and muscle pressure points. Excessive callus irritation over joints is also minimized.

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