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Introducing MarinoWul+

Incredibly soft, durable, breathable, and environmentally friendly.

Made from recycled plastic bottles and pulverized oyster shells, and mixed with other fibers to create tailored performance fabrics, MarinoWul+™ regulates temperature, wicks moisture, and breathes—all with an uncanny mix of strength, durability, and incredible softness. We’ve always worked to bring you the best performing, most comfortable clothing and gear out there. But it’s not every company that can bring you the very best products with a commitment to reducing the impact on the wild places and animals we all love. That’s why we’re on a multi-year mission to reduce the environmental impact of our products—all while increasing the comfort, durability, and performance you expect.

Men’s with MarinoWul+

Women’s with MarinoWul+

Future Flannel

Made with a blend of MarinoWul+ and cotton with a hint of stretch, our Tech Flannel is moisture-wicking, temperature-regulating, antimicrobial, and so soft it feels like an old favorite from day one.

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