Argentina Wingshooting Trips

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This hunting lodge in Argentina offers a dove hunting experience to remember.
Shoot on more than 160,000 prime acres in northern Cordoba
Perfectly situated between the two most prized dove roosts in the world.
Access the world famous Macha Dove Roost at Los Chanares

Exceptional Wingshooting Awaits You in Argentina

Join Orvis for exceptional wingshooting trips in Argentina. Experience untamed natural beauty and thrilling hunts and return to deluxe accommodations. Over the years, we have carefully cultivated partnerships with some of the best hunting lodges in Argentina for unrivaled bird hunting among the abundant populations of dove, quail, duck, and Perdiz. Spend the day trekking the wilds of Cordoba on heart-quickening, high-volume dove hunts, and then return to your luxury accommodations in an Orvis-endorsed lodge. Gain access to more than 200,000 acres of untouched central Patagonia on a quest to flush magnificent coveys of quail, or stalk Perdiz in remote wheat fields 250 miles northwest of Buenos Aires. Spend glorious mornings knee-deep in Argentinian wetlands teeming with waterfowl as dawn breaks over the water. Each evening you’ll enjoy spectacular wines and cuisine nestled in a deluxe hunting resort in paradise. For a premier experience wingshooting in Argentina, choose any of these Orvis trips.