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Buffalo Check Dog Jacket - RED/BLACK
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NRS Dog Life Jacket - ORANGE NRS Dog Life Jacket - BLUE
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Hurtta® Cooling Dog Wrap - AQUAMARINE Hurtta® Cooling Dog Wrap - TUMERIC Hurtta® Cooling Dog Wrap - CARNATION PINK
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Hurtta Extreme Warmer Dog Coat - BLACKBERRY Hurtta Extreme Warmer Dog Coat - LINGON
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Hurtta Monsoon Dog Coat - BILBERRY Hurtta Monsoon Dog Coat - BUCKTHORN Hurtta Monsoon Dog Coat - BLACKBERRY
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Baxter Dog Backpack - BLACK/ORANGE Baxter Dog Backpack - BARN RED Baxter Dog Backpack - COASTAL BLUE
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Hurtta®  Expedition Dog Parka - ORANGE Hurtta®  Expedition Dog Parka - BLACK Hurtta®  Expedition Dog Parka - BILBERRY Hurtta®  Expedition Dog Parka - BEETROOT
$89 - $99
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1 Color
Barbour® Wax Dog Jacket - OLIVE
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Consider your dog’s activity level, coat thickness and color, and how much time he spends outdoors in cold, snow, or rain. While nature gives dogs coats of their own, some are simply insufficient to combat frigid temperatures, to say nothing of messy rain and snow. A thick-coated dog breed in good health may not need a dog jacket, but a smaller breed with a short or thin coat will benefit from an extra cozy layer in inclement weather. Senior dogs are also good candidates for a fleece dog jacket in cold temperatures.

Dog jackets aren’t merely for warmth—hunting canines earn an advantage with a protective layer to shield them from the underbrush and outdoor hazards, and our early-morning jogging companions gain extra visibility wearing a reflective safety jacket.

To ensure your dog’s jacket fits properly, take a few measurements. While he is standing, measure his:

  • Neck – the circumference where his collar rests
  • Girth – around the widest part of his chest
  • Length – the length of his back, from his collar to the base of his tail

Check an individual dog jacket to see which measurement you should use to determine fit—while most designs require your dog’s length or girth, others specify a weight range. A well-fitted coat allows for freedom of movement and does not pinch or bunch. The fit should be snug enough to prevent catching, but not too tight.

Choosing the best dog jacket boils down to the specific dog and his environment. Our heavier styles help insulate dogs who enjoy outdoor activities during the winter. A fleece dog coat is a great option for a breed with shorter hair or a more sensitive disposition. It also makes an excellent choice for an older, less active dog who generates less body heat through exertion. And the sartorial-minded dog owner will be pleased to find classic dog coats in plaid and waxed cotton styles.

No: Unless your dog has a specific medical condition that requires additional warmth, dogs don’t need jackets in warm or hot weather. The extra insulation may cause them to overheat, which is very dangerous.

Some dog jackets are machine washable, but others need spot cleaning. Check the manufacturer’s instructions before tossing your dog’s jacket in the washing machine.

Durable Dog Jackets, Parkas & Coats

Orvis dog jackets help keep your pet comfortable and safe. Explore our parkas and raincoats for dogs to find top-quality options for challenging conditions. Choose a dog coat to keep your companion drier and warmer in wet weather, or give him an extra layer of protection against briars and thorns in a vest made specifically for a hunting or working dog. Suit up your furry best friend in a quilted waxed cotton dog jacket for cold, wet days. Options in fleece provide extra warmth for cooler days, indoors and out. We also include safety jackets made to improve your dog’s visibility in low light or rainy scenarios. The dog jackets in our collection are designed for easy on-and-off, so you won’t find anything binding or cumbersome here. When the weather turns foul, turn to our collection of dog jackets and parkas and discover the exceptional quality and performance you’ve come to expect of Orvis.