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Safe Passage®  Drop Bottom Duffle - GRAPHITE
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Safe Passage® Pack-and-Go Duffle - GRAPHITE
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Accessories for Fly Fishing

When we're on the water, it's our job to enjoy every single minute we're given and every interaction with the fishing tools and accessories we carry streamside. Coolers, for example, are meant to keep things cold, and that's why you’ll find YETI here, a line of coolers that's industry and guide proven to be the best at keeping the things you want cool for as long as possible, and for being the toughest and most rugged cooler on the planet. We carry a variety of strike indicators to help cover all the bases, as well as wide a range of split-shot sizes for all nymphing needs. With gel and powder floatants, you can be sure your dry flies will ride high and stay visible when the hatch is on. Nail knots can be a real pain to tie when your hands start shaking after seeing the head of a huge trout just within reach, so try the knot tying tools to help get you on the water quicker and with greater ease. And what's left in the winter months, after you've tied yourself silly with flies? Take a look at the great library of instructional and destination books to help pass the time and inform you of a greater set of skills and locations to follow your passion. These tools and many more we offer are integral in allowing us the convenience and enjoyment of a seamless experience on the water.

The most skilled and accomplished artists and craftsmen take pride in the quality of the tools they use to create beautiful works of art; these tools are extensions of the artist or tradesman and provide a level of detail and proficiency that's unmatched when compared to an inferior device. Do yourself a favor and get the right tool for the job, so when the time comes you aren't trying to make do with inferior solutions to basic angling problems. After all, your dentist and teeth will appreciate that you used nippers or scissor forceps to cut your fishing line; you'll look a lot better in that photo of the fish you spent days or a lifetime trying to catch without a chipped tooth or line cuts from too many years sitting on the bank chomping on line. Browse our fishing tools and accessories and find precisely what you need.