Rocky Mountain West Packing List

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What to Pack for a Rocky Mountain West Fly-Fishing Trip

The Orvis Rocky Mountain West Packing List collection includes the fishing clothing and gear you need to fly fish in trout heaven. Heading to the American West’s Rocky Mountains for summer trout fishing means packing quick-dry, moisture-wicking layers with UPF protection to handle fluctuating temperatures and a lot of sun. Discover the many options in reliable, quick-dry fishing pants in this collection, most of which feature UPF 50+ properties. Pair these with a sun hoodie or one of our UPF 40+ casting shirts, and enjoy reliable, chemical-free protection from the harmful rays of the sun. Pack a sun-blocking buff and protective polarized sunglasses, and you’re ready to stay out from dawn to dusk. Our PRO waders offer rugged construction, breathability, and stretch so you can cast comfortably all day. Find convertible and Ultralight waders as well and enjoy impressive performance in a lighter-weight option. Browse options in fly-fishing footwear, and then choose the PRO wading boots or Approach shoes with the features you need for your excursion. Remember to pack a comfortable pair of trail shoes or sandals for hiking or kicking back at the lodge. If your Rocky Mountain fly-fishing trip is the right time to update your gear, browse our elite Helios fly rods as well as the high-performing mid-price Recon rod. Equip either with the Orvis Hydros reel, suited for Rocky Mountain trout fishing, and load it with Hydros or PRO trout line. We recommend taking your own fishing pack with you. You’ll find sling and hip pack designs here, all fully waterproof and designed by anglers for anglers, along with our Trekkage™ luggage line. Discover your Rocky Mountain West fly-fishing trip essentials in this convenient packing list collection.

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Downloadable Rocky Mountains Packing List

Download and print this convenient packing list to prepare for your Rocky Mountain West adventure travel.

Packing Checklist for a Fly-Fishing Trip to the Rocky Mountain West

  • Quick-dry fishing pants
  • Tech performance fishing shirts
  • UPF 50+ sun hoodie
  • Merino wool socks or over-the-calf fishing socks
  • Buff and sun hat with UPF properties
  • PRO waders
  • Lightweight storm or wading jacket
  • Fishing sun gloves
  • Polarized sunglasses
  • Rod, reel, lines, flies, nippers, and any accessories not provided by the guide service, if you’re using one
  • Waterproof fishing pack
  • Wading boots or PRO Approach Shoes
  • Travel documents, flight itinerary, and contact information
  • Medications
  • Phone charger
  • Toiletries
  • Sunscreen and non-aerosol bug spray
  • Lip balm sunscreen
  • Waterproof phone case
  • Recommended apps: Google Maps (download the map of the area prior so you can use it offline) and relevant airline apps