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Saltwater Fly Lines

Find the right saltwater line for any species and conditions you encounter in our selection of high-performance fly-fishing lines. Whether you need a delicate presentation on a shallow flat to tail bonefish, to get deep to stripers feeding in a rip, or to target suspended tarpon just a few feet down, we offer the best saltwater fly line for the situation. When it’s time to target kings or steelhead, our salmon fly line offers an ultra-long head for drifts. This collection includes popular line weights used to target multiple saltwater species. An improved coating allows our fly lines to cast farther with less effort by producing faster line speeds. Designed with a braided monofilament core, these fly lines perform exceptionally well in saltwater environments. Orvis fly lines are designed with the latest technology for the ultimate in distance, accuracy, and durability, for more productive days on the water.