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Impressive Performance Meets Exceptional Value in Clearwater Fly Rods

Earn screaming saltwater runs with Orvis Clearwater fly rods, or choose a two-handed Clearwater rod to swing big flies to aggressive salmon and steelhead. You won’t need to break the bank: Value and performance are top priorities in the Clearwater line of freshwater and saltwater fly-fishing rods. You won’t believe this is our economy series when you experience the precise casts and impressive reach Clearwater rods deliver. This versatile collection is designed for strength and precision wherever you cast—including with our 6-piece fly rod, ideal for travel. The Clearwater Rod Series includes options well suited for beginners, or as spare outfits for experts, but don’t be surprised when you find yourself reaching for this rod simply because you love it. Cast with confidence: The Clearwater line is backed by our 25-year guarantee.

What is the Clearwater fly-fishing rod made of?

Orvis Clearwater fly-fishing rods are made of mid-modulus graphite with nickel aluminum reel seats and ceramic inserts in the guides.

Can you use the Clearwater rod in saltwater?

Yes, the Orvis Clearwater Fly Rod can be used in saltwater and freshwater scenarios.

How much does a Clearwater fly-fishing rod weigh?

Insofar as the actual weight of the rod, our most popular Clearwater, the 5-weight, 9’ fly rod, weighs 3.5 ounces. But Clearwater fly-fishing rods come in several weights (referring to overall strength) and lengths starting with the 2-weight, 10’ rod and graduating from there; to find the chart that shows all the available weights and lengths, click the “Outfit Details” link on the Clearwater Fly Rod Outfit product page.

What line comes on the Orvis Clearwater outfit?

The line that comes with your Orvis Clearwater outfit depends on the rod’s weight. For example, the 2-weight rod outfit includes Hydros Tactical Nymph Line while the 5-weight outfit comes with Clearwater fly line. To find the chart that shows which line comes with a specific Clearwater fly rod, click on the “Outfit Details” link on the Clearwater Fly Rod Outfit product page.

Where are Orvis Clearwater fly rods made?

To keep costs of Clearwater rods down, they are manufactured overseas, but we design them in our shop in Manchester, Vermont where other Orvis rods are made. To sign up for a tour of our Rod Shop, contact the Orvis Manchester Flagship Store at 802-362-3750.