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Tying Kits for Fly Fishing

Complete Orvis fly-tying kits include a high-quality vise, scissors, bobbin, and many other fly-tying basics for the novice. We also offer pattern-specific kits that come with detailed instructions and everything you need to create popular nymph, dry fly, emerger, and streamer patterns. Enjoy the convenience of fly-tying tools and materials in a single kit; find the options you need to tie essential freshwater and saltwater fly patterns—from beginner-level recipes to guide favorites. Our Fly-Tying Work Center makes a perfect companion to any kit. This portable fly-tying caddy helps you organize your work surface to make tying time more productive. Orvis fly-tying kits include everything you need to begin the fun and money-saving hobby of fly tying: Start creating your own fly patterns today.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best fly-tying kit?

The Orvis Premium Fly-Tying Starter Kit and Encounter Kit are the best, most comprehensive options to get you going. Any of the pattern-specific fly-tying kits you find in this collection, including the Woolly Bugger and Clouser Minnow, will be the best in class.

What fly tying materials should I start with?

To tie essential classic patterns, you’ll need fly-tying hooks, thread, dubbing, tungsten beads, deer and elk hair, feathers, marabou, hackle, tailing wire, fly wire, head cement, and dubbing wax. Find everything you need for essential patterns in our Encounter Kit or Premium Fly-Tying Kit.

How do you use a fly-tying kit?

Use a fly-tying kit as you would any sort of model or construction kit: Follow the included instructions to assemble the fly pattern you want with the materials and tools provided.

Are tying kits worth it?

Beginner fly tyers find fly-tying kits to be worth it for their value alone. When you don’t know which tools to get, or which type of tool you prefer, a tying kit includes everything you need to get started, and allows you to build your tying bench from that baseline. Only when you have strong preferences about the types of tools you want, or when you need specialized tools not included in a fly-tying kit, is purchasing one not worth it.

What is included in a fly-tying kit?

Most fly-tying kits will include a vise, water-based head cement, spooled materials, ceramic bobbin, scissors, a bodkin, a hair stacker, and hackle pliers, plus the materials needed to tie a few popular flies.