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The healthiest dog training treats are the ones with only a few calories per treat and a short list of natural ingredients. We offer several options in healthy dog training treats.

We suggest dedicated dog training treats since their smaller size means you can offer the reward without also offering too many extra calories. Some dog trainers use regular kibble, which also works well as a training treat as long as the kibble bits are small.

Stay away from high-calorie processed treats with fillers, dyes, corn, sugar, wheat, or soy. If the treat is an unnatural color, that’s a good indicator you should not give it to your dog. Avoid rawhide treats and opt for natural horn and antler chews instead.

Use treats for positive reinforcement when you’re training your new puppy or dog. Avoid treating a dog in an excited, elevated state, and instead wait until he’s calm and focused to offer the treat. Dog treats or biscuits are also helpful when it’s time for basic maintenance your pal may not especially enjoy—for example, having his nails trimmed or being bathed. Try luring him into the tub with a favorite treat, and if he knows one awaits him at the end of the bath, he may be a bit more willing to oblige.

It’s okay to give your dog treats every day as long as they make up only 10% of his total daily calories.

Healthy Dog Treats, Chews & Training Bites

We’re proud to purvey dog treats with healthy and all-natural ingredients: Explore our collection to find a variety of wholesome dog treats. The best dog treats are made with high-quality ingredients that won’t compromise your dog’s health. We hand-select superior-quality products for dogs because we’re dog lovers, too, and believe everybody’s best friend deserves the best. We offer stimulating antler chews to keep him occupied for hours, preservative-free meaty dog treats he’ll love, small nibbles perfect for training, and delicious treats made from a single ingredient. If you have a senior dog, choose treats low in fat and sodium. You can feel good about feeding your best friend dog treats from Orvis. Browse our dog treats and find superior-quality options to reward and bond with your four-legged family members. We also offer attractive containers for your shelf-stable dog goodies. Let us personalize a glass treat jar with your dog’s name to make it all his. Or, give a personalized dog treat jar as a gift to the dog lovers in your life.