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The Best Vises for Fly Tying

Explore Orvis fly-tying vises to find the best options for every hobbyist from the novice tyer to the seasoned pro. If you’re looking for performance and simplicity, the Regal Vise delivers both. Incredibly user friendly and requiring no complicated adjustments, this vise makes it easy to tie a dozen flies in no time. If you need a convenient all-in-one option, consider the budget-friendly Griffin Montana Pro or Pro II Pedestal Vise. And if you want to take your rotary fly-tying skills to a new level, choose the Regal Pedestal Vise.

We suggest the features of Renzetti’s anodized aluminum Apprentise Pedestal Vise for the novice fly tyer. With its rotary tension screw, hinged stem, and hardened steel jaws, it's perfect for the beginner, delivering high-end performance at an affordable price. Our collection also includes travel-friendly options for the angler who prefers to tie favorite patterns on the go. Browse our carefully selected fly-tying vises and kits to find exactly what you need to complement your tying style and budget.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you use a fly-tying vise?

A fly-tying vise is a basic clamp tool to hold your hook still while you apply materials to create the fly. Use your fly-tying vise by clamping the hook bend into the jaw. The clamp secures the hook so you can tie your materials onto the hook shank, creating the fly you want.

What are the best fly-tying vises?

The best fly-tying vises come from trusted makers like Regal and Renzetti. We offer easy-to-use, budget-friendly options for beginners and top-of-the-line rotary vises for veterans of the art.

What is a rotary fly vise?

A rotary fly vise can rotate the hook shank 360 degrees, making it easier to apply materials with precision and accuracy. Spinning the hook instead of working around a stationary hook allows you to wind bodies, hackles, and ribbing efficiently and apply head cement that doesn’t sag.

What is a material clip for a fly tying vise?

The material clip is a small spring coil you attach to the spindle, a handy accessory crucial to working on a rotary vice. The coils hold your thread or filament as you work, keeping them close but out of the way. Fly tyers refer to the material clip as their “third hand,” since it holds the material steady as they work around the hook shank.