Introducing Ultralight Rain Jackets

Introducing Ultralight Rain Jackets

Ultralight Fly-Fishing Gear

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Ultralight Fly-Fishing Gear Refuses to Weigh You Down

You asked, we delivered—our collection of Ultralight fly-fishing gear cuts down on bulk without sacrificing performance. For this featherlight collection, we’ve shaved off weight without cutting back features, durability, or performance. Breathable Ultralight Waders offer a tough shield against cold water, but when the day warms up will easily convert to waist-high waders for comfort. Lace up our quick-drying, durable Ultralight Wading Boots for grippy performance and plenty of traction in wet or dry conditions. These packable lightweight boots are engineered to stand up to long days wading or trekking across rough terrain to your favorite fishing spot—without bogging you down. Keep the necessities close at hand in fly-fishing gear built with roomy pockets and a slim profile. Tuck our performance fishing jacket into a sling pack for waterproof, breathable protection should foul weather blow in. Pack away dozens of your favorite fly patterns into the Ultralight Vest’s eleven pockets for easy retrieval on the water—just because you don’t need to bring every fly you own doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have the option. We’ve built this collection with more than 160 years’ worth of experience guiding us. The thoughtful design and unmatched quality in our Ultralight Wading System have earned acclaim from anglers the world over.