Watch Our Videos & Learn to Tie Your Own Flies!

Watch Our Videos & Learn to Tie Your Own Flies!

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Fly-Tying Tools & Materials

Tie up your favorite patterns with Orvis fly-tying materials, tools, and supplies. Hungry trout can’t resist realistic flies tied with our tried-and-true hackle fibers, dubbing, hair, chenille, flash, and feathers. Explore legs, wings, tails, and other body materials for tying lifelike flies. Fast-sinking tungsten beads get your fly down quickly—and keep it where it belongs. Flexible fly-tying wire, durable thread, fly-tying cement, and stretch tubing add durability to dries or nymphs, and create precisely segmented bodies with that fool the pickiest of fish. Our fly-tying kits include all the supplies you need to tie a specific selection of recipes, and include an instructional DVD, an ideal option for the novice. Reliably sharp hooks for any application make each recipe stronger and more effective. From brookies to tarpon, tempt your quarry with rugged, precisely tied flies—and net more fish with a hook that refuses to bend.

The serious tier will want to browse our collection of fly-tying equipment and tools to find vises, desks, organizers, lights, magnifiers, and more that work hard so you can fish harder. Until you commandeer an entire room for your fly-tying endeavors, you’ll need space-saving equipment and storage solutions that pack up and tuck away. We have them in spades. We’ll help keep your work center organized to increase fly-tying productivity so you can spend more time on the water. Explore the fly-tying materials and tools expert anglers prefer for tying up the most effective patterns.