Fly-Fishing Sling Packs

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Look for a waterproof fishing backpack with sufficient storage for what you typically carry on a fishing outing. A fishing backpack needs to be tough and durable, like our PRO Waterproof Roll Top Backpack. Choose a backpack with reinforced seams and closures specifically designed to keep out water. A fishing backpack should protect your gear if you wade too deep, fall, or if you're fishing in the rain.

Choose a fly-fishing pack based on capacity, features, and where you prefer to wear it on your body. Some anglers like to have a sling pack on their backs that they can whip around to the front when they need tools or snacks. Others prefer a hip or chest pack so fishing accessories stay within easy reach. Orvis packs are designed with plenty of tool storage, pockets, docking stations, and removable straps so you can have the exact fishing pack specifications you need.

Chest packs are good for fly fishing primarily because they keep your tools and accessories close to your hands. Many anglers prefer the easy access chest packs offer.

Fly-fishing hip packs make a great choice for a short outing when you need capacity without bulk, or when you’re wearing several layers and simply need to clip a fishing bag around your hips. Choose a traditional fly-fishing vest when you want to carry smaller tools and gear on your person, and keep things within easy reach. Refer to our fly-fishing pack guide for more details about when to choose which type of pack or bag.

Both fly-fishing hip packs and chest packs offer less capacity than sling packs or backpacks. While hip and chest packs offer space and storage for essentials, they can often become uncomfortable if you have to wade or walk for long distances. Choose a hip pack if you want to feel less encumbered, but go with a chest pack if you prefer to have your accessories within easy reach on your torso. Refer to our fly-fishing pack guide for more details about when to choose which type of pack or bag.

A fly-fishing chest pack offers a smaller option, which is handy and convenient for shorter streamside or wading trips when you need your accessories right at your hands. Sling packs are roomier, usually with more features than a chest pack, and can store snacks, water, and a light layer as well as tools and accessories. Some anglers prefer the weight distribution of a fly-fishing sling pack for excursions that require a lot of walking or wading. Refer to our fly-fishing pack guide for more details about when to choose which type of pack or bag.

Waterproof & Eco-Friendly Sling Packs for Fly Fishing

Discover professional-grade fly-fishing sling packs at Orvis, including fully waterproof designs and loaded options. Our sling packs offer easily accessible docking stations for your tippet, tools, and other essentials, as well as plenty of secure storage pockets. Almost all of our sling packs are made from recycled CORDURA, so they’re tough yet easy on the environment. Choose from various sizes to accommodate the length of your fishing adventures, from a mini sling for a few hours on the water to the 14L PRO Waterproof Sling for an all-day excursion. If you don’t have all your fly-fishing gear, we offer fully loaded options in sling packs that come with floatant, tippet, nippers, forceps, split shot, weights, and a proven selection of flies. When you need a superior-quality fly-fishing sling pack, shop the collection at Orvis.