Fly-Fishing Watercraft

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Inflatable Pontoon Boats, SUPs & PFDs for Fly Fishing

Our fly-fishing watercraft collection includes rigs and stand up paddle boards (SUPs) that get you into the secluded, remote areas for the trophies you seek. The Outcast Fish Cats are versatile pontoon boats that offer excellent maneuverability, especially with a compatible set of Outcast Fins to propel you through tight spots. A lightweight rowing frame allows these boats to accommodate plenty of gear for long river excursions. They also feature motor mount plates for stillwater fishing. Discover sturdy, stable inflatable fishing rafts for one or two people. Or, choose the smaller Outcast Stealth Pro for a lightweight boat that can handle larger water. Combining the best features of a pontoon boat and a float tube, the Stealth Pro is suitable for both stillwater and moving water scenarios. This boat easily fits into the back of a pickup truck or can be hiked long distances into a remote fishing location. Voted as the International Fly Tackle Dealer (IFTD) Best Personal Watercraft, this versatile fishing boat is a favorite among anglers.

For other packable options, an inflatable SUP board together with an easily adjustable SUP paddle transports you to hard-to-reach honey holes from your riverside campsite. Combine any of the SUPs in our collection with a fishing PFD to hold your fly boxes and tools, and you’re outfitted for a story-making fishing trip. For solo trips, the Outcast OSG Commander features a combination of the sleek movement of a kayak and the stability of a rowboat. Designed with an open-floor cockpit, this watercraft allows the angler either to strap into fly-fishing fins and kick-propel or fish standing upright in shallow water without leaving the boat. These boats are ideal for fishing freshwater ponds and saltwater bays. Whether floating on rivers or high alpine lakes, our watercraft will separate you from crowded fishing areas and expand your fishing options.