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Tying Tools for Fly Fishing

Explore our selection of fly-tying tools and discover the essentials you need to start creating effective fly patterns. Our bobbins allow thread to move with ease, promising fluid and consistent tension for the tier. We offer bobbins in three sizes so you can tie consistently with various thread sizes. Find high-quality fly-tying scissors that exceed your expectations. Available in arrow point, razor, and all-purpose varieties, these surgical-quality scissors are perfect for cutting conventional and difficult materials, including synthetics and deer hair; we also include a multitude of attractive options for the budget-minded fly-tier. Bobbin threaders, pliers, and other tools eliminate hassle at the bench, or choose an entire set and enjoy the convenience of all the essential fly-tying tools in a single kit. Keep your fly-tying workstation organized with an essential tool caddy. For precision work, our fly-tying magnifiers help you zoom in on detailed tying. Orvis fly-tying tools are made to the highest standards and built to last for years to come—discover everything you need to tie up favorite fishing flies at your workbench.