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Heirloom-Quality Bamboo Fly Rods

Heirloom-quality bamboo fly-fishing rods from Orvis harken to the pioneering days of the sport and nod to the women and men who mastered it. You can't help but stand in awe of the fine craftsmanship that shapes these authentic fly rods into works of art. A crisp cast and flawless presentation unite for incredible performance, enhanced by each rod’s impressive workmanship. Tackle a variety of conditions with a versatile bamboo full-flex fly rod designed with modern ingenuity and classic beauty. Whether you decide to add one of these fine split-cane fly rods to your display collection or to fish with it, you’ll be proud to own an artisan piece celebrating the legacy of fly fishing.

How do you choose the best bamboo fly rod?

Choose the best bamboo fly rod based on your budget and how you plan to use it. Some anglers want a bamboo fly rod as a work of art to mount over the mantle. Others prefer the unique feel and presentation found only in a traditional bamboo rod. Our artisan bamboo fly rods are built to catch fish, so you can hang them over the fireplace, and then take them down and head to the stream. We offer a 4-weight fly rod for conventional trout fishing and two options in 5-weight bamboo fly rods for success in almost any freshwater scenario.

What weight are bamboo fly rods?

The Orvis Adirondack and 1856 fly rods are versatile 5-weight bamboo rods for fishing freshwater to target medium-sized trout, grayling, bass, bluegill, carp, perch, and whitefish, on larger creeks and rivers. Our 4-weight Penn’s Creek bamboo fly rod is for traditional trout fishing on smaller creeks.

What makes bamboo fly rods so expensive?

Real bamboo fly rods require pristine craftsmanship, artistic technique, and a long time to make. The price tag reflects the labor and precision needed to construct these heirloom works of art.

Do bamboo fly rods age?

Yes, but a well-maintained bamboo fly rod can last for generations. If your grandparents took great care of their Orvis rods, your children should be able to use them with the same success on the lake or stream. And while bamboo fly rods age, they tend to mature versus wearing out, as long as they’re properly cleaned and treated well. Orvis bamboo fly rod maker Ron White offers tips on caring for your cherished bamboo rod.