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Convenient Assortments of Essential Fly Patterns

Trust Orvis for the best fishing flies assortments, packaged in convenient, durable fly boxes to slip into a wader pocket or sling pack for easy portability. When you want to travel light, reach for an assortment that includes only a small collection of proven dries, nymphs, and small streamer trout fly patterns. For specialized fly assortments, explore our essential trout nymphs and our collection of buggy, irresistible dry flies. Discover a winning mix in our standard Euro Nymph Fly Assortment, or choose the deluxe version if you need more options. Orvis fishing flies assortments feature the best-of-the-best, tailored to your preferred technique or target species. Or try our specially curated collection of exclusive Tom Rosenbauer fishing flies for proven performance casting to trout. Explore these ready-made fly collections to find the best dries, nymphs, and streamers for more productive days on the water.

What is the best fly assortment for trout?

Orvis offers the four best fly assortments for trout: the Essential Trout Fly Selection, the Essential Trout Dries Assortment, the Essential Trout Nymph Assortment, and the Tom Rosenbauer Selection. Each assortment features flies trout can’t resist.