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Lifelike Flies To Target Bass, Pike & Panfish

Earn more strikes fly fishing for bass, pike, and panfish with flies made to entice these voracious predators. Our collection of bass and panfish flies mimics the food sources of a variety of fish for a surefire way to net these species—just get these flies to hungry fish to earn an exhilarating fight. Strip noisy poppers across the surface to create a ruckus—the commotion will be too much for feisty bass to resist. When your prey is a predator fish that will eat anything in sight, offer up some irresistible tidbits. Realistic movement, buggy silhouettes, mesmerizing eyes, and wiggly bits come together in tried-and-true fly patterns made to bring in your catch of choice. Pike will target those big-eyed baitfish fly patterns, and panfish like bluegill love little crustacean flies. Baitfish and crayfish imitations can make all the difference between a day on the water and a fly-fishing adventure. Fill your fly box with these lifelike and versatile flies made to tempt aggressive feeders, and you’ll have some fantastic fish stories to tell.