Dog Ramps, Lifts, and Traction

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Traction, Lifts, & Other Dog Mobility Assistance

Orvis dog lifts, ramps, stair treads, and other traction-enhancing products give your mobility-challenged pet a new lease on life. Caring for an older dog or a dog recovering from surgery requires special considerations for their mobility and safety. Providing the right stair treads, ramps, or traction socks can significantly improve their quality of life. Arthritis, joint pain, and reduced physical capabilities may keep your beloved companion from the spots she loves most—the back seat of the car or the sofa, for example. Our stair treads and dog ramps bring it back within reach. You’ll also find supportive slings that will save your back while you help your dog stand up or navigate steps. For the best stair treads and traction products for your dog, browse our collection.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are ramps or stairs better for dogs?

If your dog is a small breed or has mobility issues, you may want to opt for a ramp to help her into and out of the car or onto and off of the furniture. But while a ramp may be easier for a dog to navigate than steps, it requires more space. Steps take up less space and work well for a dog with good mobility but who may not be able to jump high enough to access vehicles or furniture. Check the weight limits for dog stairs and choose the best option to support your dog.

How do I choose the right ramp or stairs for my dog?

Consider her size and the height of the space the ramp or stairs need to cover. For example, if you have a standard vehicle and an average-sized small to large dog, then a standard-sized ramp is the right fit. But if you have a big pickup or SUV, you’ll need an extra long ramp. For a dog who needs to access a sofa or other surface lower to the ground than a car, a half ramp works perfectly.

Are dog ramps safer than stairs for dogs?

Ramps are safer than stairs for dogs who have hip mobility issues or arthritis. Stairs work well for dogs who need assistance getting to higher spots like a sofa or bed, and stairs are especially helpful for dogs who have trouble jumping or who have conditions aggravated by jumping.

Are there weight limits for dog ramps and stairs?

Our dog ramps have weight limits between 200 and 400 lbs., depending on the specific product. Dog stairs also have weight limits, so check the product description to find out how much weight they will accommodate.

How do you lift a senior dog?

We recommend a dog sling to lift your senior dog. Our sling lift is easy to use and supports your dog’s full body. If you must pick up your senior dog using your arms, position one securely under her chest and use the other to support her back legs under the rump. Remember to use your leg strength while lifting your dog to prevent injury to your back.

Are dog lifts easy to use?

The Orvis dog sling lift is easy to use. Simply insert your dog’s forelegs into the openings, and then use the padded handles to lift her to a standing position, help her up the stairs, or assist her with walking.

How Do I Prevent My Dog From Slipping on Hardwood Floors?

The traction method works best. Opt for grippy mats on the floor or grippy shoes on your dog’s paws. Our Recycled Water Trapper® Stair Treads will help your dog climb up and down hardwood stairs with confidence, and our dog traction socks keep your companion stable on slippery surfaces.