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Women's Tech Flannel Shirt - SNOW PLAID Women's Tech Flannel Shirt - HOT SAUCE PLAID Women's Tech Flannel Shirt - ROE + 2
Price reduced from $98 to $69
29% off (Save $29)
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Horseshoe Hills Quarter-Zip - MOONLIGHT BLUE Horseshoe Hills Quarter-Zip - DUSTY PURPLE Horseshoe Hills Quarter-Zip - HARVEST GOLD Horseshoe Hills Quarter-Zip - ROE
Price reduced from $79 to $49
37% off (Save $30)
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Women's PRO Insulated Hoodie - DRAGONFLY
Price reduced from $249 to $99
60% off (Save $150)
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Women's Tech Chambray Work Shirt - BLUE CHAMBRAY Women's Tech Chambray Work Shirt - MEDIUM BLUE FISH PRINT Women's Tech Chambray Work Shirt - MEDIUM BLUE + 6
$89  - $98 $49   -  $79
Up to 44% off (Save $40)
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Drift Vest - ROE Drift Vest - RIVER BLUE Drift Vest - BLACK
Price reduced from $129 to $99
23% off (Save $30)
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Performance Knit Quarter-Zip - DESERT BLUE Performance Knit Quarter-Zip - SANGRIA
Price reduced from $79 to $49
37% off (Save $30)
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Mesa Fleece Quarter-Snap - BLACK Mesa Fleece Quarter-Snap - SANGRIA Mesa Fleece Quarter-Snap - VAPOR
Price reduced from $89 to $79
11% off (Save $10)
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River Guide Shirt - BLUE FOG PLAID River Guide Shirt - DESERT BLUE PLAID River Guide Shirt - ROE River Guide Shirt - DUSTY PURPLE
Price reduced from $89 to $69
Up to 44% off (Save $40)
4 Colors
Long-Sleeved Rainy Bridge Shirt - DUSTY PURPLE Long-Sleeved Rainy Bridge Shirt - BRIGHT CORAL Long-Sleeved Rainy Bridge Shirt - RIVER BLUE Long-Sleeved Rainy Bridge Shirt - FRESHWATER
$89 $44   -  $49
Up to 50% off (Save $45)
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Women's Ultralight Storm Jacket - CELESTIAL Women's Ultralight Storm Jacket - DUSTY PURPLE Women's Ultralight Storm Jacket - ASPHALT
Price reduced from $169 to $99
41% off (Save $70)
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Women's drirelease®  Long-Sleeved Tee - ROE Women's drirelease®  Long-Sleeved Tee - AQUA SEA Women's drirelease®  Long-Sleeved Tee - MELON Women's drirelease®  Long-Sleeved Tee - TROPIC BLUE
Price reduced from $59 to $39
Up to 33% off (Save $20)
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Escape Long-Sleeved Shirt - WASHED SIENNA Escape Long-Sleeved Shirt - AQUA SEA Escape Long-Sleeved Shirt - DRAGONFLY
Price reduced from $59 to $29
50% off (Save $30)
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Horseshoe Hills Full-Zip - MOONLIGHT BLUE Horseshoe Hills Full-Zip - HARVEST GOLD Horseshoe Hills Full-Zip - BLACK
Price reduced from $89 to $65
26% off (Save $24)

Women's Performance Fly-Fishing Clothing

Wearing the right women's fishing apparel for the right situation is crucial for enjoying every adventure on the water—the best and most successful anglers are driven with a passion to thrive in the harshest of elements to pursue their quarry, and there's no way they'll let a little “bad” weather stand in the way. When it’s snowing sideways in late fall and your experience on the water turns serene, outfitting yourself in gear made to endure the elements helps you soak up nature's beauty while staying dry. Our women's wading jackets will assuredly keep you dry when you’re on the water, and, paired with base layers like our quarter-zip fleece, will keep you warm, comfortable, and laughing off the weather. As you’d expect, our guide pants and wading pants for women come with all the crucial performance features you need for a successful day on the water, and they’re made specifically to fit a woman’s body. And our stretchy, quick-drying shorts, capris, and pants pull double duty as performance clothing and casual wear.

Time outdoors in the hot, blinding sun can be punishing, so we offer lightweight, breathable, and quick-drying fishing clothing for women with maximum sun protection from UV rays and advanced cooling technology. Tailored with UPF fabric to protect your skin from the sun's harmful UV radiation, Orvis women’s casting shirts, hooded casters, sun hoodies, and fishing buffs keep you shaded and comfortable under the most intense sunlight. Across our line of women’s fishing apparel, explore technical shirts and tees, guide shirts, and work shirts in appealing colors, designed with an unrelenting focus on form and function to keep you feeling confident on the water. And when it’s time to relax, Orvis trucker hats and graphic tees show your love of the outdoor life no matter what you’re doing.

We know you’d rather focus on your fishing than on your clothing. That’s why we offer the highest-quality women’s performance apparel available—find what you need and embark confidently on every adventure.