Fly Fishing Clothing for Women

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Fly Fishing Clothing for Women

Wearing the right women's fishing apparel for the right situation is crucial for enjoying every adventure on the water—the best and most successful anglers are driven with a passion to thrive in the harshest of elements to pursue their quarry, and there's no way they'll let a little “bad” weather stand in the way. When it’s snowing sideways in late fall and your experience on the water turns to serene, outfitting yourself in gear made to endure the elements helps you soak up the beauty of it all and stay dry. Our women's wading jackets will assuredly keep you dry when you’re on the water, and paired with base layers and fleece, will keep you warm, comfortable, and laughing off the weather. And our guide pants and wading pants for women come with all the performance features in his, but in a silhouette made to fit and flatter your figure.

Time outdoors in the hot, blinding sun can be punishing, and sun protection from UV rays is crucial. We include lightweight, breathable, and quick-drying fishing clothing for women, tailored with UPF fabric to protect your skin from the sun's harmful UV radiation; hooded styles keep you shaded and comfortable under the most intense rays. Our entire line of women’s fishing apparel is designed with the utmost attention to form and function, and in a wider range of stylish colors, will keep you feeling confident on the water. The days of relying on smaller men’s sizes or unisex gear are finally over. We’ve got you covered with clothing proportioned to fit your body and keep you comfortable so you can focus on what’s important; gear up for the water in clothing made for you.