Burrower Blanket

Puppies and adult dogs have a mutual appreciation for this soft, cozy Burrower Blanket.


This versatile Burrower Blanket offers your dog lots of ways to get comfortable: they can curl up on top of it (using it as a sleeping mat), snuggle up next to it, or crawl in and burrow inside it. The light cream side is embossed with a subtle dog bone print, while the interior is a darker tan color. Sherpa fleece on both sides offers maximum softness. In cream. Polyester. Washable. Imported. Choose size small for dogs up to 10 lbs.; medium for dogs up to 25 lbs.
Small 22" x 23"
Medium 28" x 28"
  • Use as a blanket, a sleeping pad, or an inviting den
  • Cozy Sherpa fleece all over for maximum softness
  • Sleeping bag style design invites burrowing and nesting


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