Safe Passage® Chip Pack

Easily and quickly access your gear with this versatile fishing chip pack.


Chest and hip pack wearers unite. The Chip Pack brings your favorite features together in one versatile design. A midsized pack for the angler who likes the freedom of fishing without a vest, the Chip features two compartments and a bounty of interior pockets for storage. Zippered compartments are gusseted to ensure gear is secure yet easy to reach. Hooded front slash pocket allows for quick and easy access to necessary gear without having to undo a zipper, but prevents spilling if the pack is upended. Ergonomic, cushioned neck pad ensures comfort; detachable neck and waist straps allow for easy removal of the pack. Cord loops allow the addition of a tippet bar, sold separately. Unique zinger and tool attachment system allows easy integration of your favorite tool into the pack, providing quick and easy access to the tool. 410-denier nylon is coated along the bottom of the pack for increased water resistance. Imported.
9½"H x 6"W x 5"D; 312 cu. in. Weight: 12 oz.
  • can be worn as chest or hip pack
  • Two compartments and various internal pockets
  • Ergonomic, cushioned neck strap
  • Hooded front slash pocket
  • Includes waist and neck straps
Fully Loaded Pack Includes:
  • Floatant Caddy with Hy-Flote Gel and Shake-n-Flote Renew
  • Mesh Leader Wallet
  • SuperStrong™ Plus Leaders 3X, 4X, 5x (2-pack of each)
  • SuperStrong Plus Tippet 3X, 4X, 5x (2-pack of each)
  • Orvis Soft Tungsten Weight
  • Comfy Grip Forceps
  • Comfy Grip Nipper and Zinger Combo
  • Jam-Stop Thingamabobber
  • M2 Load-and-Lock Flybox
  • Best-Sellers Fly Selection


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