This fly fishing trip in Spain offers rare access to some of Europe's finest spots.

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The Story

Experience The Magic Of Northern Spain Curated By An Expert.

Choose Orvis-endorsed accommodations at a Salvelinus lodge on your fly-fishing adventure in the Spanish Pyrenees. Salvelinus' program is easily customized to fit your travel plans. For example, you can fish different locations each day in a week, choosing from spring creeks in alpine meadows, larger streams flowing through verdant valleys in the mid and low country, or remote streams and lakes, including helicopter fly-outs to the most unspoilt waters.

Experts, beginners, and non-anglers can all be accommodated for a well-rounded travel experience; and it's possible to make this a memorable holiday for companions who don't fish and prefer to sightsee, explore ancient villages and national parks, or learn more about Spanish culture, including the delights of its food and wine.

This flexibility and expertise makes Salvelinus a unique operation in Europe. Add a trip to Spain or a Mediterranean Cruise to a week in any of these lodges and you will have a once-in-a-lifetime experience for you and your loved ones.

"My philosophy has always been fishing where others cannot reach. Thirty years of scouting gave me enough options to operate two fly-fishing lodges in the Pyrenees, with the first established in 1999. When we noticed our guests' most precious time was shared among loved ones, we incorporated a full range of customizable experiences at both lodges. We also developed private wine tours in La Rioja or San Sebastian, taking place before or after the visit to the lodges. Finally, I designed, under the seal of secrecy, the Ultimate Pyrenees Tour: an unparalleled multi-destination itinerary to fly fish at its best times and spots from one end of the Pyrenees to the other."

Ivan Tarin, Founder of SALVELINUS

2021-2022 Season & Rates:

Additional options and combinations are available by request.
Salvelinus East - Arén Lodge & Spa
March - November Nights Guided Days Price/Person
Half Week 3 nights 3 Days $3,750
Week 7 nights 6 Days $7,700
Salvelinus West - Santa Cilia Lodge
May - October Nights Guided Days Price/Person
Half Week 3 nights 3 Days $3,750
Week 7 nights 6 Days $7,700


Single supplements:

  • Single room $150 / night
  • Private guide $290 / day

All inclusive

Whether you bring your own fishing equipment, or you prefer to travel light, Salvelinus has waders and boots available in all sizes, rods and reels, vests, rain jackets, hats, flies and accessories. We also have a small but fully stocked pro shop at your disposal.

We pride ourselves on guests being able to arrive at any of our lodges without a single fly-fishing item and being able to head out for a fabulous day of fishing! Our packages include use of our gear.

Our prices include:

  • Full board accommodations
  • All meals and beverages: buffet breakfast; lunch by the river or at the lodge, appetizer and dinner. Tasting menus, traditional Northern Spanish cuisine. Tapas and Pintxos. Our selection of Rioja, Priorat, Ribera wines, coffee, beer, spirits and soft drinks.
  • Transfers from/to Zaragoza or Lleida High speed Train Station

Angling packages include:

  • Guided fly fishing with English speaking experienced guides
  • All gear: waders, boots, rods & reels, flies and accessories
  • Fishing licenses and daily permits for club waters
  • Instruction if required: Fly-fishing techniques on the water, Fly-casting & fly-tying

Included for travel companions:

  • Daily food & wine tours in the Pyrenees
  • Guided Cultural Tours
  • Wellness Therapies
  • Nature walks, airplane and boat tours into Nature Parks.
  • Shopping: Tax-Free in Andorra. Zaragoza city.
  • Guided Adventure Sports: hiking, MTB, kayaking, gladding and 4x4 routes.
  • All Gear: MTB, Kayaking and Gladding.
  • Photo Tours & Birdwatching

Our price list does not include:

  • Flights, travel insurance and gratuities.

From March to November, great fishing options

The Pyrenees and the foothills of the Pyrenees offer great fishing year-round! However, weather dictates that our season typically runs March through November.

From the lowland farming areas where there are prolific hatches from early March, to the higher mountain valleys where the snow may not leave until June or, some rivers have its best moment during November.


If you know where and when to go and what kind of flies to use, you will find great fly fishing opportunities along the extensive Pyrenees from March to November.

The fishing season begins on the 1st of March when rivers are at their lowest water levels. Great dry fly fishing for Zebra Trout until late April. May is a great period for rainbows and browns in some prolific tailwater fisheries end of May and first half of June are ideal for high-mountain fly fishing and golden stonefly hatches for any of the species than inhabits the Pyrenees.

Summer is the time of year for spending time outdoors in the Pyrenees because they are spared the stifling heat that can hit the flatlands. Look for best hatches in freestone rivers specially from mid June through late July for any of the species than inhabits the Pyrenees.

At the end of summer, average temperatures in the Pyrenees start getting crisper, although not yet cold. An excellent time for targeting any of the species and waters of the Pyrenees.

Autumn is many people's favorite time of year in the Pyrenees. Long spells of stable sunny weather and optimal fishing options in high and low river courses including tailwaters. In September and first part of October is better for dries for any kind of trout and also for the barbel. Mid-October to the end of the season is great time for targeting large fish, specially rainbows and browns.


Considered not only the fastest trout and one of the most challenging to catch but a living fossil. The Zebra Trout is also a subspecies of brown trout belonging to a Mediterranean lineage which survived the latest Ice Age and because of that, it is considered the oldest trout in Europe. Extremely alert and able to disappear instantly, its speed taking the fly is outstanding. Although there are very dense populations of small individuals, there are also trophy specimens of zebra trout mostly in remote high mountain lakes.

Brown trout is the predominant species in the area, inhabiting most of the waterways of the Pyrenees. In many cases, there is hybridization with the native Mediterranean trout. The brown trout adapts well to a large number of scenarios, and therefore we find stable populations in the high, mid and also in the low country

The freshwater bonefish inhabits in great numbers some of the reservoirs of the Pyrenees. This exciting species is an excellent match for those looking for a different fly fishing experience. Although the average golden bone that inhabits these cold waters do not usually exceed 8-10 pounds, there is a stable population in some spots with an average weight of about 3-4 pounds, which delights fishers who dare to angle this little-known species.

BROOK TROUT Active brookies inhabit some of the remotest spots for fly fishing in the Pyrenees. The headwaters of many rivers in the Pyrenees were stocked with brook trout back in the 1950s. However, they are only found in specific streams in the Pyrenees. Brook trout thrive in icy, oxygen-rich waters which means that they are rarely seen with other trout. They rise readily to dry flies. The Pyrenees has several lakes where you can see significant populations of brook trout. These remote alpine lakes are located in high country valleys without any surrounding forest.

RAINBOW TROUT Rainbows were first introduced into Pyrenean waters more than 60 years ago and are mainly present in Pyrenees' rivers. Healthy and powerful specimens inhabit some of the rivers of the Pyrenees, and they have somewhat different habits to other species of trout that live in the Pyrenees. Rainbows are generally more active and less selective than brown trout. The large rainbow trout that inhabit these waters are incredibly cunning, selective, and can drive the best angler crazy.



Verdant green valleys, high altitude wildflower meadows, ancient villages and the majestic Pyrenees Mountains; provide a spectacular backdrop to great trout fishing in northern Spain.

The Pyrenees is the natural border between France and Spain and it extends for about 267 miles from the Bay of Biscay in the west to the Mediterranean sea on the eastern coast of the peninsula. To the west, there are the granite ridges of Maladetas and Balaitus, the deep valleys of Ordesa National Park and the extensive native forests of the valleys of Ans', Echo, and Arag''s. The southern slopes of the Pyrenees include Navarre, the province of Huesca in Arag'n, and the provinces of Lleida and Gerona in Catalonia.


There are very few places in the world with such an enormous variety of climates, altitudes, and landscapes than the southern face of the Pyrenees Mountains.

Fly fishing with Salvelinus, the range of possibilities dramatically expands when one realizes that there are trout waters from the foothills to the upper areas of the Pyrenees; from 150 m (452 ft.) above sea level to just over 2,500 m (8,202 ft.).


Dry-fly fishing is the best way to fish these rivers. Many fishing sessions organized by Salvelinus involve 100% dry fly fishing, and that means sight fishing too, although often nymphing is way more productive in the majority of these waters. Fly fishing with streamers is also an option, albeit more with rainbows than with other trout species.


The variety of waters covers a vast spectrum from small creeks to high mountain streams, pocket waters to big rivers, and a variety of different lakes. Pyrenean rivers are from 19 km (12 mi.) to 201 km (125 mi.) long, although each section is entirely different. The headwaters carry fast-flowing waters and boulder-strewn beds while the middle stretches with rapids and pools are more comfortable areas to fish. The lower stretches with their deep pools can reach up to 100 yards wide. Every pool, every current has its own personality, every feeding location and every lie are distinctive, and Salvelinus knows them all. These food-rich waters breed feisty trout that more often than not surprise the angler leaving him staring at a snapped tippet.


Which such variety of scenarios you will be able to fish from easy accessible club waters just 30 minutes driving from the lodge, to remote alpine lakes, just accessible by five hours hiking or using the helicopter.

Let Salvelinus know your preferences and you will have a tailored itinerary for fishing the kind of spots and waters you like more.

Typical Weather:


Spanish Pyrenees has a very favorable climate but there are really big different conditions between lower reaches where are located our lodges and high mountain locations, where we will be fishing some days.

Please do not forget some polar clothes although you came along summer time, weather in the mountains easily changes.

Sunny days are very common so please do not forget your solar cream, either.

The average temperatures are:

March40-65 F / 4-18 C--
April45-68 F / 7-20 C--
May55-79 F / 13-26 C42-70F / 6-21C
June57-82 F / 14-28 C46-73 F / 8-23 C
July60-90 F / 16-32 C50-77 F / 10-25 C
August63-91 F / 17-33 C53-80 F / 12-27 C
September59-82 F / 15-28 C46-72 F / 8-22 C
October52-75 F / 11-24 C--
November43-65 F / 6-18 C--

Rain is not very common but it is usual thunders along late August and rain along some days in April and October. Snow is usual in High Mountain from November to March.


Week at Santa Cilia Lodge, Western Pyrenees: $7700
Week at Aren Lodge, Eastern Pyrenees: $7700
8, 11, or 14-day Ultimate Pyrenees Tour: From $9600

Prices per person, all inclusive. Children under 18, 50% off

You can find more packages available and all pricing information at:

What is Provided:

Salvelinus offers all-inclusive first class travel program. Once you begin your Salvelinus journey, you will not have to worry about anything other than enjoying yourself. There will not be any bill at the end of your stay.

The package includes:

Transfers to/from our lodges to/from Zaragoza train station, and Lleida train station.

Full board and accommodation in double rooms.

Daily housekeeping and mid-week laundry services.

Three meals per day and appetizers, including tasting menus and tapas tours included in the itinerary

All drinks including wine paring along each of the meals, cocktails before and after dinner and wine tasting session in the cellars of the lodges

English-speaking professional guides for fly fishing (2 anglers per guide) and for each of the activities and experiences described in the itinerary.

Use of fly rods & reels, all flies, and tackle as well as other necessary equipment for other guided activities like kayaking or MTB.

Fishing licenses to any of the regions visited

Daily fishing permits for club waters and additional daily permits for club waters, if needed

Other access fees to private areas, UNESCO resources, wineries or National Parks.

One massage therapy per week and per guest

Outdoors and indoors Spa

Gear Recommendations:

For fly fishing on high country streams, Salvelinus suggests rods be 8, 6 to 9 feet, line weights 3 or 4. Floating line, 9 ft. leaders with a final tippet of 4X to 6X.

For fly fishing in mid and low country rivers, Salvelinus recommends a 9 ft. rod, line weight 5 with a floating WF line, 9 ft. leaders with a final tippet of 3X to 5X.

For lake fishing and streamer fishing, Salvelinus suggests 7 wt. rod, 9 ft. floating and sinking tip lines will be handy, 9 ft. leaders with a final tippet of 0X to 1X.

Felt soles are prohibited in the region. Salvelinus recommend studded rubber soles.

What to Bring:

  • Multi-seasonal clothing is essential.
  • We suggest swimsuit for the spa.
  • Hiking boots are mandatory for heli fly outs or hiking.
  • Sandals or similar lightweight footwear.
  • Heavy socks for wading.
  • Heavy polar pants for some specific cold water fisheries
  • Light pants for the rest of the rivers.



Barcelona and Madrid international airport have easy access to high speed trains to Zaragoza and Lleida. The duration of the ride is about 1 hour and 30 minutes. Once you have arrived, a Salvelinus representative will be picking you up for a one and a half hour car transfer to the lodge, included in your package.

For a fee, Salvelinus can arrange for a private chauffeured service from/to Barcelona, Madrid, Bilbao airports or other locations.


The climate in the Northeastern Spain is generally pleasant, but the temperature mainly depends on the altitude.

For fly fishing trips in general, the best dates range from the end of March to the beginning of November.

For dry fly specific, come between late March to mid April, late May to late July or late August to early October.

For heli-fishing on remote waters, we highly recommend coming between mid-June to mid-October.


This is optional but recommended. Salvelinus offers a complementary top-quality equipment for fly fishing and any guided activities. You will receive detailed information of a list of items to bring prior to your trip with us.

NOTE: Please bring your own hiking boots for Heli fishing or guided hiking


Many guests are casual or novice anglers, and Salvelinus guides enjoy sharing their passion for fishing with anglers of all skill levels. Please add a note when you make your reservation and we will add a customized learning program to your fly-fishing trip. Salvelinus also offers along the season a series of fly fishing instructional programs at the Zebra Trout Fly-Fishing School.


There is internet access in all accommodations included in Salvelinus' programs


Salvelinus has designed tours for outdoor lovers, passionate anglers and experienced travelers since 1999.

While anglers dig into a customized fly fishing program, non-angling companions can enjoy a made-to-measure multi-activity schedule including: nature, adventure, culture, wellness, wine, and gastronomy.


Yes, this is a program multiple anglers have done in the past. Some of the activities we offer include: hiking, kayaking, wellness therapy, cultural and wine tours.. Please contact us so that we may discuss and customized your trip based on your interests.


This is time and location dependent, meaning that it may be possible on some days and not other days. Please contact us so that we may discuss on the more specific details.


Yes, as an operation that specializes in tailoring fly fishing trips, we do cater to people with limited mobility. Upon booking the trip, you will receive a booking form, to which you can mention your preferences and limitations. We use that information plan out the best itinerary for you. Feel free to contact us if you wish to discuss this beforehand.


Sorry, we practice catch-and-release here.

Additional Activities:


There is plenty of cultural beauty to discover across Spain where our cities, bursting with culture, are steeped in ancient history and vibrant charm. Salvelinus will show you beautifully aged architecture dating back to prehistoric times, monasteries, castles, Romanesque jewels, and plenty of UNESCO sites. Northern Spain's architecture is equally as inviting as its history'do not miss a Salvelinus' cultural experience along the Way of Saint James, a guided tour of ancient Pyrenean villages, or the stunning architecture of Zaragoza.


Tuck into delicious tapas, first-class wines, and the traditional cuisine of the Spanish Pyrenees and the Ebro Valley made off down-to-earth, uncomplicated dishes based on locally available ingredients and regionally grown crops. Salvelinus embraces the inside scoop on Spain's renowned gourmand scene from native guides stopping along the way to regain strength at the best eateries in the region. Salvelinus' food and wine tours are more than sensual feasts but a paradigm that elevates a travel experience to its uniqueness.


Among the green valleys of northern Spain, verdant forests of pine and oak grow on the shores of sparkling rivers and alpine lakes. Salvelinus showcases a side of Spain that eludes most and captures the imagination and the hearts of all who journey here. Discover the only country in Europe that can boast biodiversity and untamed nature drawn by the diversity of waters. Salvelinus' territory comprises three National Parks and over 20 natural reserves'a place of storybook villages and vibrant landscapes with a rich cultural heritage. Guided hiking, kayaking and MTB are available and included in the regular packages for travel companions.


Whether you seek to disconnect from the outside world, challenge yourself, or relax in nature, a Salvelinus' restorative experience is the perfect way to revive the mind, body, and soul. Connect with nature strolling along the Pyrenean mountains and valleys, detox in nature or look for balance with wellness therapies and meditation. Besides, Salvelinus' lodges are awe-inspiring; places that feel delightfully intimate, peaceful, and secluded.


The Pyrenees mountains straddle the border between Spain and France covering an area of over 20,000 square miles which do not mean the same until you have witnessed them from a great height. Discover trout's wildest shelters surrounded by breathtaking scenery, and for those in search of a dream, Salvelinus reaches into the most remote areas of the Pyrenees. Hop on!


With the largest surface of vineyards in the world, Spain is home to some of the most spectacular wineries in existence. Salvelinus offers a collection of expertly guided tours across the most stunning wineries in Spain in prestigious wine regions such as La Rioja or Priorat. Groundbreaking architecture, unbeatable scenery, amazing gastronomy, and stellar wines unite to make Salvelinus' wine tours a top choice for wine lovers. Enjoy one of these private, chauffeured and totally customized wine tours before or after the visit to our lodges in the Pyrenees.

Premier European Fly Fishing Lodges For Anglers And Travel Companions.

Both lodges have stunning mountain village location and both are rich in medieval history. The unique rule of both lodges is "make yourself at home."

SANTA CILIA Fishing Lodge, in Western Pyrenees, is a 15th-century palace transformed into a cozy. five-room fly-fishing lodge that sits the banks of the Aragon River at the ancient village of Santa Cilia.

The old winepress building, used by the monks of the Monastery of San Juan de la Peña 500 years ago, is now a bar lounge for the anglers. Swap stories at the end of each day over a glass of wine as you anticipate the day ahead.

There is a terrace by the river, a wader room, a fly shop, massage room, as well as a dining room converted from an old stable.

AREN Lodge, in Eastern Pyrenees, is located in a 10th-century village within the natural boundary formed by the neighboring high-country area. The area remained untouched until the 20th century, and it is accessible through the Sopeira gorge.

This is not a traditional fishing lodge, but a wonderful, intimate, traditional hotel nested in the village of Aren. It has a 30-guest capacity: 4 suites, 2 apartments, and 8 bedrooms, fully furnished.

Good food and wine are clearly a passion here. The meals are typical of Northern Spain origin and they are accompanied by an impressive selection of wines from the Spain's best wineries. Wine lovers will have the option of sampling special wines from host's private cellar.

In Santa Cilia you will dine on mouth-watering Mediterranean and Spanish cuisine in the recently-restored 15th-century dining room. Using fresh, local produce, the menu at the lodge is second to none. Appetizers, wine, cava, and cocktails are served before dinner, at the terrace of the lodge.

In Aren, meals are served at the nearby hotel restaurant, which is recognized as one of the most authentic hotspots in the region. The menu features local, organic ingredients that is anything but ordinary. The owner, Juan Antonio, and his family have been running the restaurant since 1715, and their attention to culinary detail is deliciously evident.

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Cancellation and Refund Policy

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We strongly urge you to purchase trip cancellation insurance.

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Baggage and personal effects, including items purchased, guns, fishing equipment or sporting goods are the sole responsibility of the owners at all times and no employee/agent of Orvis Travel, its subsidiaries, affiliated or associated companies is authorized to accept these for storage, safekeeping, or transportation.

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