The Great Orvis Father's Day Gift Guide badge.

For the Dog Dad

man nose to nose with his dog with sunset in background

Simon’s Gift Guide

He wakes up at the crack of dawn to whines for food, cleans puke and poop without much complaint, and is always up for a long walk no matter the weather—we’re talking about the dog dad, of course. Orvis President and third-generation Orvis family owner, Simon, loved being celebrated as a dog dad years before he had children. We all take the father-dog relationship pretty seriously around here, which is why we know the dog dad in your life will appreciate this awesome problem-solving, canine-approved gear. 

dog travel kit in back of car with dog

Orvis Dog Weekender Travel Kit

Our rugged and lightweight travel kit includes a tote with three inner storage chambers, an airtight food-storage bag, and two collapsible bowls.