The Prairie Pothole Region (PPR) of the United States and Canada is the most important breeding area for ducks in North America. Unfortunately, widespread conversion of grasslands and wetlands has diminished this region's productivity for breeding waterfowl. Despite these losses, the PPR continues to produce impressive numbers of waterfowl when environmental conditions are favorable.

To ensure healthy waterfowl populations now and in the future, DU has created the "Grasslands for Tomorrow" program, focused primarily on the protection of the PPR. In this initiative, DU works closely with ranching communities to protect large tracts of native prairie lands by creating conservation easements, and working with landowners to restore wetlands and grasslands on former croplands through agricultural conservation programs.

As part of The Orvis Commitment to protect nature, and in recognition of DU's 75th Anniversary, Orvis proudly endorses this program and encourages you to take action and help save the continent's precious wetlands and grasslands for future waterfowl populations.

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