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Experience an ancient form of fly fishing with this unique Tenkara rod and line outfit.


A subdued and traditional iteration of fly fishing, tenkara originated several hundred years ago in the high-gradient streams flowing through the mountains of Japan. Appreciated for its simple elegance and lightweight approach, tenkara utilizes only the essential elements of fly fishing—a rod, a line, and a fly—and completely bypasses the need for a reel. This Tenkara rod and line outfit, manufactured by Tenkara USA, provides everything an angler needs to begin learning about this ancient form of fishing. Imported.

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The outfit includes:

  • Tenkara USA Iwana 12-foot rod. Ideal for stream fly fishing, the extreme length allows for the line to be kept off the water at great distances to achieve perfect, drag-free drifts. The rod is telescopic, collapsing to a mere 20" in length and weighs only 2.7 oz.
  • Traditional tenkara line. Designed specifically for casting with tenkara rods, the traditional line is furled and tapered, allowing for precise casting.
  • Tenkara level line. Level lines are single-diameter lines, and can be cut to the desired length, with suggested lengths varying from 12 feet to 25 feet. Level lines can be kept off the water at great distances for extended drifts.
  • A set of three Amano Sakasa Kebari flies, designed by tenkara master Mr. Amano, complete with a glass container. Sakasa means "reverse" and Kebari means "fly".
  • A tenkara line holder, an essential accessory for managing and storing the tenkara line when not in use. This line holder is the best method to manage the line: connect the hook to one of the multiple notches, wind the line around it, press the line between the foam and plastic spool, and slide it right over the rod.
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