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Raoul du Toit’s life’s work is saving the critically endangered black rhino population in Zimbabwe. Facing unimaginable odds in a country torn with political strife and corruption, du Toit and his International Rhino Foundation-backed Lowveld Rhino Trust have, just in this past year, reduced the number of rhinos killed from a population-devastating nine per month to just over two per month. In 2009 alone, they moved 53 rhinos to safer areas in a heroic emergency effort to save them.

The Orvis Company is partnering with its customers to help the International Rhino Foundation (IRF) support du Toit in this remarkable mission. The money will be used to fund du Toit’s ongoing efforts at relocation, veterinary care, rehabilitation, tracking, monitoring, and anti-poaching efforts. The money will also be used in dehorning rhinos as a deterrent to poaching and the care and raising of orphaned baby rhinos to be returned to the wild.

“There are about 4,000 black rhinos left in the world,” said Matthew Lewis of the World Wildlife Fund. “Raoul du Toit is one of those rare individuals that comes along and in the face of insurmountable odds, quietly succeeds. For almost thirty years, he has stood between this rhino population and extinction.

” Susie Ellis, Ph D. is Executive Director of the IRF and works directly with du Toit in support of his efforts.

“There is only one solution and that is to get them out of harm’s way. Raoul is a master at securing private lands, moving the rhinos, treating them, raising orphan calves and releasing them, rehabilitating injured animals, and developing monitoring systems to keep track of where they are. Raoul and the Lowveld Trust are beginning to stem the tide that reached a critical point last year.”