Amber Pitcher & Ariel

Amber Pitcher & Ariel

Orvis Fly-Fishing Ambassadors

Amber adopted her dog, Ariel, over ten years ago. She knew that she was saving Ariel’s life, but had no idea how much Ariel would change her own life. Ariel is her best friend and her source of motivation.

Amber and Ariel live in New York with Amber’s fiancé, Matt, and their cat, Ollie. Amber spends her weekdays helping animals as a licensed veterinary technician, and her weekends exploring the great outdoors hiking, camping, and paddling.

Wherever Amber goes, Ariel goes with her. Together they have summited mountains all across the Northeast (they are Catskill 3500ers and Adirondacks 46ers!), and they have road tripped across North America in a Jeep Wrangler making stops to camp, hike, and backpack.

Like most of us, Amber enjoys the comforts of home too. When she’s not outside, you can find her curled up with a good book, wearing flannel, and eating anything mint chocolate.

Homebase: Upstate New York

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[My dog] Ariel is my best friend, my adventure partner, and my constant motivation behind the quote that governs my lifestyle: ‘Be the kind of person your dog thinks you are.’”