It’s Easy to Create a Great-Looking, Dog-Friendly Home

It’s Easy to Create a Great-Looking, Dog-Friendly Home

Dog Furniture Protectors

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Furniture Protectors for Dogs

Invite your dogs inside the house, and they’ll bring fun, affection, and joy—along with copious amounts of mud, dirt, and hair that demand the best furniture protectors and dog-proof throws. Though messes are inevitable, we’d prefer to spend less time cleaning and more time exploring with our canine companions. Stopping the dirt and hair before it gets to the furniture is an easy task with the right tools.

How to Protect Your Furniture From Pet Hair

Our pet furniture protectors help you manage all the messes that can accompany a four-legged friend, so you can spend more time playing fetch, and less time fetching the furniture brush. We understand that while you love your dog, you also value your décor, so our washable furniture covers for pets are designed to allow them to peacefully coexist. Each product in this collection, from our bolstered sofa protector to our quilted throws and water-resistant chair protectors, boasts a robust shield for your furniture combined with classic style that won’t disrupt your design scheme. Cover your dog’s favorite spot with a pet blanket or non-slip furniture protector to prevent dog hair and muddy paws from sullying your décor.

What to Look for in a Furniture Protector

A furniture cover that needs adjusting every time your best friend climbs off the sofa is not doing its job. Our protectors feature Grip-Tight® backing, so they stay in place even for the busiest of dogs. They’re also waterproof, so they soak up liquid messes before they seep through to your sofa, and they’re breathable for comfort. Easy-to-clean, a non-slip backing, waterproof performance, and an attractive design are variables that top the list of furniture cover requirements, but your companion deserves more than just the basics. Give your furry friend a luxuriously soft sleep surface that rivals your own with quilted and fleece options, or choose a bolstered furniture protector that doubles as a dog bed.

How to Wash Orvis Furniture Protectors

Our furniture protectors know when to hold onto dirt and when to let it go. They’ll keep muck from penetrating through to your upholstery, but when it’s time for a wash, simply shake out excess pet hair and dirt, and then toss any of these designs into the machine and it’ll come out like new. We offer machine-washable pet furniture protectors in a variety of dimensions and styles, so you can find attractive, effective, and low-maintenance protection for any chair, bench, ottoman, sofa, or bed in the house—and when it's time to hit the road, our dog seat covers come to your car upholstery's rescue.