Fly-Fishing Tools

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We appreciate fly fishing as a sum-of-its-parts pastime, so it’s difficult to say which fly-fishing tool is the most important, since they all work together for a successful experience. If you’re looking for just the necessities, check out our loaded Orvis fly-fishing lanyard, which includes all the most important fly-fishing tools in one convenient carrying style.

Stock your fly-fishing pack or bag with nippers, floatant, a hemostat, loaded fly box, indicators, split shot, a knot-tying tool, and leaders and tippet. Depending on how long you’re fishing and your level of experience, you’ll also need to pack specialized tools like line cleaner, a rod clip, and a leader straightener.

Essential tools for fly fishing include forceps, nippers, flotant, tippet bar, extra tippet, pliers, and flotant.

Essential Tools for Fly Fishing

Explore Orvis nippers, knot-tying tools, and floatant in our top-quality fly-fishing tools; find the best nets, forceps, and other essential tools here. We offer a complete line of durable fly-fishing and release tools designed to keep you fishing longer and better. Our selection of net holders, lanyards, zingers, and clips includes options engineered to keep your tools within easy reach. We even offer car fly-rod carriers so you don't have to break down your rod between spots. If there's a tool that can make your fly-fishing days more productive, we've got it.