Fly-Fishing Wading Accessories

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The purpose of wet wading socks is to keep your feet comfortable inside of your wading boots while wet wading without waders. Our neoprene wading socks fit perfectly with PRO wading shoes or any of our wading boots. Other socks known as wading socks may be like conventional socks, designed to keep your feet warm, dry, and comfortable while you’re wearing waders. These are often made from wool, not neoprene, and should not be confused with wet wading socks or guard socks.

Wading boot studs do, in fact, make rubber boot soles grippier to make wading easier. Our PosiGrip tungsten wading boot studs give you maximum traction when you need it most, in a design that works for wading boots with either felt or rubber soles.

We offer expert advice on how many studs you should put in your wading boots. For us, strategic placement of fewer studs is better than using a specific number of studs. We advise placing your studs in an uneven pattern around the edges of the sole rather than in the middle. 

Yes, you can take studs out of wading boots by simply unscrewing them.

A wading staff is basically a hiking stick for fly fishing. You’ll need it for balance as you traverse unstable bottoms or opaque water. Wading staffs also allow you to probe the bottom for logs or other obstacles, and to gauge depth. 

A good wading staff is sturdy but lightweight, made of weather-resistant materials, and features a no-slip grip. The Orvis wading staff is also collapsible for quick assembly and easy storage on a wader belt.

The Best Wading Accessories for Fly-Fishing

Make your next wade fishing excursion safer and more productive with screw-in studs, neoprene wading socks, and the other accessories you need. Our under-gear layers add warmth and comfort on even the chilliest fishing days, and our helpful tools keep you ready for the river. A wading staff is essential for the angler who enjoys venturing out into swift water or hiking along the river banks. The popular Ripcord Wading Staff collapses and easily reassembles in seconds. Before you head out, gear up with repair kits for your waders and BOA-equipped wading boots. Superior-quality fly-fishing wading accessories from Orvis promise more comfort and peace of mind so you can focus on your favorite pastime.