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Performance Fishing Clothing for Women & Men

The Orvis fly-fishing clothing collection includes performance shirts, pants, hats, and more for making the most of every fishing adventure. Explore superior-quality options with advanced fabric technology designed for peak performance. In sun, fresh- and saltwater environments, windy conditions, and fluctuating temperatures, you need to stay as comfortable and prepared as possible. These jackets, casting shirts, guide shorts and pants, hoodies, and accessories offer quick-drying, breathable layers that look good and perform well, on and off the water. Our UPF casting shirts safeguard your skin, whether you prefer a traditional button-front casting shirt with tech features like ventilation panels and a built-in sunglasses cleaner, or a drirelease® pullover-style casting shirt. When you need fishing outerwear for excursions in cooler temps, snow, or rain, explore our collection of essential wading jackets for fly fishing. Options from our PRO line of fly-fishing clothing offer the best protection in the most punishing conditions. When it’s time to relax, our Tech Chambray Work Shirt, featuring UPF 30+ sun protection, is perfect for a streamside lunch or a stop in town. Available in options for women and men, this versatile shirt offers year-round sun protection. And our trucker caps, ball caps, and graphic tees make winning options for casual days and weekends spent on the water or off. Active lifestyles demand freedom of movement and a comfortable fit, and these styles deliver. Make the most of every fly-fishing adventure with shirts, pants, hats, and more from our fly-fishing apparel collection.

What To Wear Fly Fishing

What to wear for fly fishing depends on the conditions where you’re casting. Factor in climate, weather, landscape, temperatures, and the water you’re fishing, and then dress accordingly. What you’re going to pack for a Montana fishing trip isn’t the same as what you’d take to Colorado or Wyoming. But a standard fly-fishing outfit includes wading pants or quick-dry shorts, wading boots or amphibious shoes, a moisture-wicking casting shirt or drirelease hoodie, a hat, sunglasses, and your fishing pack or bag. Layer up if you need waders, underwader pants, an insulated vest, and wading jacket for cooler or cold environments. Frigid temperatures require fly-fishing gloves, an insulated beanie, and a heavy waterproof wading jacket on top of your other layers.

What is the best clothing to wear for fly-fishing?

We developed the Orvis PRO All-Weather Systems to be the best clothing for fly fishing in any conditions.

What colors should you not wear for fly-fishing?

Brightly colored fly-fishing clothes stand out far greater than earth tones. Fish can see color, so if your clothes are highly visible, they’ll notice you. Stick with clothing in muted hues to divert unwanted attention.

What do you wear for fly fishing in the winter or in cold weather?

For fly fishing in winter, remember that layers keep you warm. Start with a moisture-wicking, lightweight base layer, and then add a fleece or fleece-lined mid layer, for both your legs and body. Wear two pairs of socks: one synthetic sock liner and wool-blend or nylon socks over that. Always practice the two-sock system for winter fishing, and seal in warmth for your extremities with insulated convertible gloves and a snug, insulated hat. Heavy-duty breathable waders and a winter-ready wading jacket that’s water- and windproof complete your ‘what to wear for winter fly fishing’ checklist. Never wear anything cotton, not even cotton undershirts or underwear—and especially not cotton socks. Cotton absorbs moisture quickly and then fails to insulate.

What do you wear for fly fishing in the summer?

We recommend lightweight, UPF 40+ shirts, shorts, or pants for summer fly fishing. If you’re fishing sandy bottoms in warmer waters, try our PRO Approach Shoes instead of wading boots or sandals.

What is best to wear under waders in summer/winter?

In summer and winter, wear moisture-wicking base layers under your waders. In summer, choose lightweight fishing pants or shorts and a UPF-rated casting shirt or sun hoodie. For winter, select a sturdy base layer and fleece or fleece-lined midlayer to wear under your waders. Knowing what to wear for winter fly fishing prepares you to face critically cold conditions.