Women’s Fly-Fishing Waders

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You should buy the size of women’s fly-fishing waders that most comfortably fits your stature and measurements. It’s likely women’s fly-fishing wader sizes correlate to your clothing sizes, so if you wear a medium in other clothing, you might be able to wear a medium in waders. There are a few exceptions, so make sure to check the size chart before ordering. Orvis women’s fly-fishing waders product pages include a link to our sizing chart, which indicates which size women’s fly-fishing waders you should buy. Feel free to contact us if you’re still unsure about your correct size in waders.

Orvis women’s fly-fishing waders are different from men’s insofar as they are designed and cut to fit a woman’s shape and proportions. But from a tech performance standpoint, our women’s waders offer the exact same durability, breathability, and protection.

The primary features to look for in women’s fly-fishing waders are durability, reliable waterproof performance, breathability, strategic pockets, and easy on-and-off. Our women’s waders are all designed to offer these features and more.

We believe nylon shell waders with a polyurethane membrane are better than neoprene because they regulate temperature better, and they’re more comfortable and durable.

Most typical fly-fishing damage to your Orvis women’s waders can be repaired at home or by us through our waders warranty policy.

Exceptional Fly-Fishing Waders for Women

Each pair of Orvis women's fly-fishing waders features durable construction, plenty of pockets for tools and essentials, and an ergonomic stretch design. Browse options in our women’s PRO waders for the angler who needs the most elite features for hours or days spent casting in pristine tailwaters. Discover bootfoot waders and conventional styles for women, including petite sizes streamlined for comfort. If you want weightless waterproof protection in a convertible design, look to our Ultralight waders for women. Our women’s Clearwater waders offer a budget-friendly option made to the Orvis standards of quality and performance you expect. You love this sport and deserve the best waders to get you where you need to be. Find them at Orvis.