Men’s Fly-Fishing Shorts

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Yes; fly fishing in shorts is a great way to go during hot months, especially in quick-dry tech performance shorts specifically designed for fishing.

Fly-fishing shorts from Orvis dry quickly, whether they’re performance shorts or swim shorts.

Men’s Shorts Made for the Demands of Fly Fishing

Explore Orvis’s collection of fly-fishing shorts for men, skillfully designed to keep you comfortable, so you can stay on the water longer. No one wants shorts that get wet and stay wet. Our quick-dry shorts for men are essential for any warm-weather fishing adventure. If you’re heading out to the beach or lake, choose our superior-quality swim shorts. Moisture evaporates rapidly from the fabric, allowing you to enjoy the water without the annoyance of staying damp for hours. For multi-purpose fly-fishing shorts built for the river but perfect for everyday activities, reach for our customer-favorite Jackson Quick-Dry Shorts for men. Trek into your favorite fishing spots with confidence wearing men’s fly-fishing shorts from Orvis.