Men’s Fly-Fishing Hats

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A good fishing hat keeps the sun out of your eyes and off your face, dries quickly, and offers sun protection. A perfect fishing hat has all these qualities and comes in your favorite style. Find the best fishing hats with tech features and good looks in the collection at Orvis.

We recommend wearing a hat for fly fishing to reduce glare, safeguard skin from damaging sun rays, and to protect your head from excessive temperatures. 

The best type of fly-fishing hat protects your face and head from direct sunlight, decreases glare, and is breathable. We offer several trucker and ball caps, packable sun hats, and wide-brimmed hats in this collection. For cold-weather fly fishing, choose an insulated beanie.

Men’s Tech Performance Hats for Fly Fishing

Orvis fly-fishing hats for men offer comfort in any conditions, from a casual day on the water to the most ambitious of fishing trips. As any angler knows, glaring sun can ruin a perfectly good casting day. Our cloth ball caps and mesh-back trucker hats shield your face and eyes, and feature logos and graphics that signal your passion for the fishing life, whether you’re on the water or off it. Pack an Ultralight Rain Hat when you know the forecast’s calling for a summer storm, and you’ll be ready to keep casting during the downpour. Choose a straw fishing hat with modern performance features if you prefer utility and classic style in equal measure. Fishing frigid waters means you need a reliable men’s insulated beanie to trap warmth without adding bulk, and for those conditions we offer options in tech beanies made to rugged perfection for combatting winter’s worst. For men’s fly-fishing hats to fit any casting scenario, browse the collection at Orvis.