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Dog Toys

Every dog possesses an innate need to play, and our thoughtful dog toys can help satisfy it. Whatever your dog’s play style, we include toys in our collection made to entertain and engage him.

Why Do Dogs Need Toys?

Dogs need toys for the same reason people need entertainment. Toys provide comfort and mental stimulation for dogs. Keep him busy when you must leave your dog home alone, give him plenty of exercise when you play together, and satisfy his instincts to chew with rugged toys.

When selecting a dog toy, consider his play style, activity level, and size. Dogs who prefer to play alone may enjoy treat-filled toys and durable chew toys. Part toy and part treat, a natural antler chew gives your dog a long-lasting and safe way to assuage his need to chew. For the dog who enjoys a classic round of fetch, you’ll find durable toys for tireless games of lobbing and retrieving—in the water or in your back yard. If he prefers tug-of-war, our natural rope tug toys can withstand hours of rigorous play. Choose an alluring squeaky toy to satisfy the dog with an insatiable prey drive, or a plush toy for your cuddler.

How to Choose Safe Dog Toys

When choosing safe dog toys, avoid toys with sharp edges, loose strings, or small plastic pieces, or toys that are too small or may break easily. Dispose of dog toys when they begin to show wear, as pieces may break off and become a choking hazard or cause a blockage. While toys made for children must meet certain safety standards, they are not tested against a dog’s chewing habits or sharp teeth, so they’re not an ideal option for our furry friends. For destructive players, seek out heavy-duty, indestructible toys designed to stand up to chewing and tearing. Examine your dog’s toys regularly to ensure they’re in good condition, and dispose of toys that don’t pass inspection.

How to Clean Dog Toys

Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions for cleaning dog toys. In general, plush, stuffing-filled dog toys, squeaker toys, and rope toys in good condition may be cleaned in the washing machine. Tie them inside a pillowcase or zip them inside a washing machine bag and clean them on a cold water cycle. To prevent mildew, dry toys on low heat or hang them until dry.

When cleaning hard plastic or nylon dog toys, avoid harsh detergents and high heat that may break down the materials. Instead, soak hard dog toys in a solution of one part vinegar and one part water, wash with a mild detergent, and allow them to air dry. If necessary, soak non-porous dog toys in diluted bleach to disinfect them, using a bleach-to-water ratio of 1:32. Rinse bleached toys thoroughly before giving them back to your dog.

How to Clean Treat-Dispensing Dog Toys

While plush or solid dog toys can be cleaned once or twice per month, toys that dispense food or treats must be cleaned after each use.

1. Remove as much trapped food or peanut butter as you can.
2. Soak the dog toy in water and mild dish soap to break up stuck on pieces, if necessary.
3. Use a toothbrush or baby bottle brush to scrub the inside of a treat toy.
4. After it dries, check the dog toy for signs of weakness or breakage and dispose of broken toys.
5. Use a dishwasher to clean a dog toy only if the label says it’s dishwasher safe.

Our collection of dog toys provides plenty of options for interactive play, entertainment for alone time, and even toys for training. You’ll also find attractive storage solutions to keep his favorite playthings neatly organized until he dips into them again. Turn to our collection for superior-quality toys your dog will love.