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Rugged, Durable Dog Gear From Our Tough Trail™ Collection

The Orvis Tough Trail dog gear collection features collars, leashes, harnesses, and accessories developed to make adventuring with a dog easier and safer. The weatherproof, reflective nylon weave in these products doesn’t absorb water or flake, so it’s perfect for wet or low-light conditions. Dogs can get loose or bolt when you least expect it—it happens to even the most conscientious dog owners. Let us add embroidered personalization (it’s free!) to any Tough Trail collar, harness, or leash for peace of mind about recovering your dog should she accidentally get away from you. When you’re ready to load up and head out, rely on the Tough Trail Folding Travel Crate as a dependable, lighter-weight mobile solution for your dog to keep her easily and safely contained. For you, we offer signature Tough Trail packs, including a dog food tote and a hiking sling pack specifically designed for carrying a meal, collapsible bowls, treats, waste bags, and anything else your dog might need while you’re exploring together.

Hiking with dogs is a wonderful shared experience, and knowing hiking safety and trail etiquette for dogs makes your time outdoors even more enjoyable. Orvis has had a longtime reverence for our protected wildernesses, and we highly recommend packing up your pup and heading into the most dog friendly national parks in the country, outfitted with the rugged gear in this collection: If you and your dog love being together for outdoor adventures, Orvis Tough Trail dog gear is made for you.