Fly-Fishing Wet-Wading Collection

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Women’s PRO Sun Skiff Pants - STORM
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You really need waders for fly fishing when the water and/or air temperatures are too cold and when you don’t want to get wet. Many anglers leave their waders at home in nice, warm weather. Otherwise, choose a pair of durable waterproof waders from this collection to wear fly fishing.

Wear neoprene wading socks or neoprene guard socks when wet wading. 

Yes, you can use wading boots for wet wading, and we recommend any of the options in this collection. We also offer our PRO Approach Shoe for wet wading, as well as our Christmas Island Boots for wading saltwater flats.

The Best Fly-Fishing Gear for Wet Wading

Our Wet-Wading Collection features apparel with advanced technology to dry out rapidly while offering maximum UPF skin protection in the sun. Explore Fly-Fishing Wet-Wading gear at Orvis and discover technical clothing and accessories, superior-quality waders, wading boots, and shoes for your next outing. Our men’s and women’s PRO Sun Skiff Pants paired with our customer-favorite River Guide Shirt or PRO Stretch Long-Sleeved Shirt create a barrier between you and the sun, and feature impressive UPF protection and moisture-wicking fabric in styles that can take you from the stream to the street. To defy UV rays and punishing heat, slip into our men’s and women’s PRO Sun Hoodie built with enhanced cooling and rapid evaporation technology for tropical conditions. Ditch the waders while still protecting your feet and ankles outfitted in our men’s and women's Jackson Quick-Dry Pants paired with Ultralight Wading Boots, or PRO Wading Boots or Approach Shoes. Our bestselling Christmas Island Bootie, built with Airprene and vulcanized rubber, keeps out sand and grit while allowing for water flow so you can hop into and out of the skiff with ease. For anglers determined to brave rockier or unsteady river bottoms, screw-in wading studs provide interchangeable, removable traction to help you conquer the traverse. Access everything you need while keeping your arms free: Opt for the Orvis Waterproof Hip Pack for a few hours on the water, and the bestselling Orvis Waterproof Sling Pack for longer expeditions. Both fishing packs are impervious to water and include convenience features like an angler-friendly zipper compartment design and docking stations placed to streamline your fly-fishing experience. Nothing beats the freedom of wet-wading cool water on a summer day, sight-fishing for hungry fish. Orvis champions the high-performance shirts, shorts and pants, wading boots, and fishing packs that make the most of warm-weather fly fishing.