I’ll Meet You after Work at the Local (Gravel) Bar

A view from below of an angler walking across a railroad bridge that is covered in colorful graffiti
"Good fishing is closer than you think, even in urban areas.
If there’s water, there’s probably something swimming in there and I’ve found great spots less than five blocks from my office. Smallies, musky, pike, carp, and panfish, it’s all right here under the entire city’s nose. Even better, fishing almost every day—sometimes just for a half-hour here and an hour there—can really help crush the learning curve.
An angler balances on one foot while tying their shoe.
An angler walking across the railroad bridge, with the city buildings in the background
An angler wading in knee-deep wader, casts.
We’re right downtown in a few of these spots and folks will see me out there casting. A few times I’ve even been asked if I’d teach them to fly fish. Funny thing is, I was the guy asking that same question years ago. That’s the incredible thing about the welcoming nature of the fly-fishing community. While we still have work to do on inclusivity, if you’re curious about this, just ask.
People will help you get started and putting yourself out there might change the direction of your life forever. It sure did mine. And while I know this isn’t as glamorous as a week in Montana or Alaska, that’s fine. I’ll take railing on warmwater fish 10 minutes from my desk chair, four nights a week, any day.”

—Ashley White, Minnesota angler, family man, and a fella who’s wading boots seldom ever dry

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