Men’s Pullover Sweatshirts

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Pullover Crewneck, Quarter-Zip & Hoodie Sweatshirts for Men

Orvis men’s pullover sweatshirts offer comfort, quality, and performance, desirable benchmarks in sweatshirt styles that wear well from trail to town. An active lifestyle demands solid choices in casual outerwear—that’s why our selection includes men’s pullover sweatshirts with so many impressive features. For a cool afternoon in the captain’s chair, our lightweight quarter-zip sweatshirts give you an easy layer of warmth on the water. For colder days in the field or for chilly late-autumn trekking, our heavyweight quilted sweatshirts help hold in core warmth. Because we prize the alignment of comfort with rugged good looks, we also offer our Signature sweatshirts, attractive options suitable for an informal dinner or a casual venue. Enjoy the comfort and performance you’ve come to expect in Orvis pullover sweatshirts for men.