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Adjacent to the Continental Divide in scenic northern Colorado, North Park (Jackson County) offers a unique diversity of angling opportunities unlike anywhere else. Entirely surrounded by snowcapped peaks, the headwaters of the famed North Platte River are born, feeding this fertile high mountain valley with trout-rich waters. High alpine lakes and creeks, small streams, meadow streams, freestone rivers, rugged canyons, and trophy stillwaters are all within close proximity. With less than one resident per square mile, North Park boasts over 1 million acres of un-crowded beauty assuring visitors an experience where solitude is the cornerstone of your adventure. Find yourself at tree line sight casting to a big cutthroat, or on a meadow stream belly crawling for position on a huge wild brown trout. Here, the fishing opportunities are as endless as the seclusion. The adventure awaits - just get here!

Located in Walden, Colorado at the center of North Park's diverse and exciting fishing opportunities, North Park Anglers takes pride in providing only the best equipment, flies, and advice from experienced guides who live and fish throughout the North Park region. Whether you are a first-time visitor to North Park, or have been fishing the area your entire life, our staff of friendly, knowledgeable guides can offer you indispensable tips and techniques for landing that trophy trout you've always dreamed about. So next time you come to fish North Park, stop by and see us, whether it be for a new fly rod, some flies, or just to check the fishing report and listen to some local fish stories.

Date Range

April 1 - November 30

What is Provided to Customer

Our trips are all-inclusive. Rods, reels, waders, and boots are here for you to use. We also provide flies, terminal tackle, lunches, drinks, and transportation. All you need to do is get here.

Region/Terrain Where You Fish

At 8,100 feet in elevation, North Park, a huge picturesque valley located in northern Colorado, is surrounded by five designated wilderness areas and plentiful National Forest lands that are speckled with high alpine lakes and streams, not footprints. These waters thrive with native cutthroats and brook trout that are eager to take a fly and unaccustomed to the presence of humans. Long, cold winters bring above-average snow pack, which ensures ample water throughout the season to the waters below. The smaller high country streams combine to create the meadow streams or tributary streams that flow out of the foothills and into the meadows. As the gradient reduces, water slows and begins meandering through willow-lined hay meadows. Never-ending oxbows, overhanging willows, and deep-cut banks are the hiding places of much larger specimens including wild browns and feisty rainbows. Anglers find that larger offerings are what it takes to entice these elusive fish; leave your light tippets and micro flies at home because here it's “go big or go home.” Once the meadow streams combine, a world-class fishery is born, the North Platte. Two distinct sections within miles of each other make this river unique. In the valley, the river characteristics consist of a slow meandering meadow river with classic wide riffles and deep runs. On the river's journey northward it tumbles into the spectacular Northgate Canyon near the Wyoming/Colorado state line where steep canyon walls, boulder fields, and dreamy dry-fly flats are loaded with wild populations of wily browns and rainbows. Caddis, mayflies, stoneflies, crustaceans, and terrestrials flourish in this cool, clean canyon environment, offering not only sustenance for trout but ample opportunities for anglers wishing to match the hatch. Within the valley numerous stillwaters, referred to as "sagebrush" lakes, attract anglers in pursuit of trout growing to true trophy potential. In particular the Delaney Buttes, designated as gold medal waters by the state of Colorado, are the quintessential trout factories where fish can grow up to one inch per month due to the abundance of food. Aquatic insects such as scuds, callibaetis mayflies, chironomids, damselfies, and more offer a buffet of trout food in addition to crayfish, leeches, and minnows.

Typical Weather by Season

Here in North Park our weather is typical of any Colorado high mountain valley. We're home to the Park Range, which is located along the east side of the Continental Divide, just east of Steamboat Springs and 15 miles west of Walden, our county seat. The Park Range is the wettest range in Colorado, where average annual precipitation approaches 60 inches. Winter begins early and lasts into April and May at the higher elevations with much of the annual precipitation falling as snow. Seasonal snowfall totals in the mountains range from 75 to 150 inches in the valleys to over 200 inches in the higher elevations. This is where we get our river's water. In the spring and fall months you can expect the weather to change frequently. We generally have temperatures between 35-50 degrees and it can be quite comfortable for fishing. During peak season and the summer months our weather is great! Temperatures generally hover between 70-80 degrees. Summer doesn't last long here; we've even had snow in July.


Sample of Typical Itinerary

A typical day with North Park Anglers always starts with a hot cup of coffee in the fly shop. Here you will meet your guide, grab all essential supplies for a great day, and head out to the water. Our trips consist of walking or floating, so depending on the trip you are doing your guide will have the appropriate rig for the job. From the shop you and your guide will head out for the day. Our full-day trips are 8 hours and half-day trips are 4 hours. After a great day of fishing your guide will bring you back to the fly shop to tell stories of the one that got away, or to show off pictures!!!


Species You Fish for by Season

All trout: rainbow, brown, brook, and cutthroat.


What Should Customers Bring?

We recommend that you bring the following items for a great day of fishing: polarized sunglasses, a hat, clothing to layer, sunscreen, and a sense of adventure. Don't forget your camera! If you need fishing equipment please let us know prior to your trip so we can have it ready.

Fly Shop

Our Fly Shop

The original building was a conglomerate of four small structures that were melded together over the last century. This is evident today as one enters the shop. The first room contains the meeting area, fly rods, terminal tackle, gadgets, reading material, and the checkout counter. As you move through our store, the creak of the old wooden floors will remind you that you’ve stepped into a true western fly shop. Each room harbors a different feel and inventory selection. The second room displays our clothing offerings while the third room, the most popular and known by all as The Bug Room, harbors our vast fly selection. Moving further back, one enters our fly-tying room. Here, fly-tying materials, books, and a limited selection of spin-casting tackle are on hand, as well as fly-tying benches where the staff continually perfects new recipes. The final room stores our rental gear: waders, boots, rods/reels, and even float tubes are available. Here at NPA, we know there are hundreds of different food sources available to trout and, just like us, they don’t want to eat the same thing, every hour of every day. With this in mind, we regularly carry 750 different patterns encompassing every life cycle of most every bug. In North Park, we have a general rule when choosing flies in pursuit of our huge wild brown trout: “go big, or stay home.” This rule is evident as we have one of the largest streamer selections in the country. From midges to mayflies, scuds to crayfish, and hoppers to caddis, we’ve got you covered.

Located at the epicenter of North Park, a fly angler’s nirvana, our shop is strategically positioned to service fly fishers headed in any direction. Anglers heading further north into nearby Wyoming will delight in the convenience of purchasing their needed licenses here in our shop. Even though we are only open from April through October, we continually provide a full line of equipment and supplies that meet the demands of the most ardent fly fisher. From flies and feathers to float-tube fins, we stock it. We’re proud to carry products from today’s leading manufacturers.

We know today’s shoppers have every retail option, from the internet to big-box stores, available to them. While we don’t currently offer an online store, please feel free to give us a call if you need anything from our shop. We’ll gladly get it shipped off to you. We sincerely thank those loyal NPA customers who make a conscientious decision to purchase their products from us. We will strive to continually provide the most innovative and reliable products available.

Whether you need a spool of tippet, a new pair of waders, or just some friendly advice on current conditions, we’re your resource for northern Colorado. Next time you’re in town, stop by the shop, grab a cup of coffee, and tell your latest fish story or pick up some local hot flies—we would be happy to see you. We think you’ll agree with others. North Park Anglers is a true western fly shop.


North Park Anglers
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