Splitsville Beetle

The high visibility of this winged beetle fly make it a great choice.


Beetles are almost always a good choice for garbage eating fish, but also as hatch-breakers. They are effective in the spring and fall, and not just as a summer terrestrial. The problem with most beetle patterns is that they are hard to see, and present only the shape of a perfectly happy beetle, unlike the struggling little bugs, kicking their legs and flapping their wings, we usually see trapped on a trout stream. Like all bugs, beetles get damaged and struggle in the water, but most patterns just show the oval shape. The Splitsville beetle is designed to be both more visible for the angler, and to present a better profile of a bug struggling to escape from a watery death. The key is the combination of a hackle stacker and split wings of poly, which preserve the basic chunky shape of a beetle, but also suggest movement and life. The pattern is best fished dead-drift, because it's already got enough going on to suggest movement, and is a great choice when a picky sipper has refused everything else you've thrown at it.
Sizes 12, 14, 16.
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