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Our Favorite Bags and Packs

We include some of the newest styles as well as longtime favorites in our Featured Packs and Bags collection. Discover a variety of packs you can sling over your shoulder, clip around your hips, or fasten at your chest, engineered for hunting trips and fishing excursions. Outfitted with the compartments you need and constructed in rugged materials, these chest, hip, and sling packs keep your gear within easy reach. Anglers, hunters, and adventurers reach for our waterproof backpacks and travel backpacks time and again for their enhanced performance features and convenient hands-free utility. When you’re on the road or on the go, our durable travel kits keep toiletries organized while an easily portable YETI cooler guarantees your food and drinks stay cold in the car, on the boat, or at base camp. For an everyday accessory made to the highest standards, browse leather bags from Frye in classic styles. Find the packs and bags you need in the featured collection at Orvis.