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Steps, Lifts, and Traction for Dogs

Our collection of products for older dogs will give your pet a new lease on life. Caring for an older dog may mean more than just taking life at a slower pace—she may need medication and require other special considerations—but providing the right dog bed, travel gear, and safety items can significantly improve her quality of life.

Which Bed is Best for Older Dogs?

Getting comfortable can be a challenge for older dogs. Three-sided beds are open on one side for easy access for elderly canines, but the bolster provides a supportive backrest and a sense of security. Low-profile platform beds are ideal for our companions who enjoy a good stretch. Whichever style you choose, the filling material is an important consideration. Our memory foam dog beds promise orthopedic support for aged or aging canine joints while offering indulgent comfort and temperature regulation. Water-resistant, washable covers suit your décor, and clean easily in case of an accident. Browse a variety of styles and find the one that’s right for your dog.

Mobility Challenges and Your Dog

Arthritis, joint pain, and reduced physical capabilities may keep your beloved companion from the spots she loves most—the back seat of the car, the couch, or your bed, for example. Our dog steps and dog ramps can bring it all back within reach. Designed for easy mobility, these products help restore some of the freedom your pet enjoyed during her youth. You’ll also find a supportive sling that will save your back while you help an older dog stand up or navigate steps.

Tips for Caring for Older Dogs

Provide extra warmth. As dogs age, their ability to regulate body temperature diminishes. In cold months, position your dog’s bed away from drafty areas to prevent a chill. Offer a fleece blanket for added warmth—some dogs may appreciate the ability to snuggle up underneath it. A fleece dog jacket offers protection from the cold, and booties keep feet warm and provide traction on slippery ground.

Allow plenty of rest. As she ages, your dog’s naps may stretch longer and her sleep patterns may change. Provide a comfortable area for your older dog to rest. A quiet space allows her to relax, and a comfortable memory foam bed provides the orthopedic support she needs to sleep well. She still needs her exercise, though—encourage activity to keep her healthy, to prevent obesity, and to engage her mind. Keeping her active can also help a restless dog sleep better at night.

Start when she’s young. Older dogs benefit from memory foam beds and car ramps, but you can protect her joints before she reaches her senior years. A memory foam bed distributes weight and alleviates discomfort for dogs of all ages, which may help prevent pain later in life. Likewise, a car ramp or stairs can limit joint damage or injury in young dogs, so she can enter her elder years gracefully—and without distress from a previous injury.

When your canine companion needs a little extra help on the go or around the house, turn to our collection of products for older dogs and discover a variety of solutions.