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Orvis Gunsmithing has entered a new era with the arrival of Orvis’ newest gunsmith, Connor Carson. Connor is honored to continue the long tradition of world-class gunsmithing services offered by Orvis Shotguns. Connor is a student and historian of all manner of firearms, as well as a passionate trap shooter and turkey hunter. He brings a passion for firearm preservation and restoration to the bench and is positioned to offer all manner of repair, restoration, and maintenance services. Though Connor shares with Orvis a focus on field and sporting shotguns, he is equally skilled at repairing hunting rifles. He can assist with gun fitting, custom stock alterations, and whatever further assistance is required to get that favorite old scattergun ready for another 50 years afield.  Connor takes pride in maintaining personal contact with all Orvis customers; he is available for consult on all repairs and services. 

Contact Details

Orvis Gunroom

Greg Carpiniello

Orvis Gun Department Manager


The intricate details of an Orvis ELOS over-under shotgun

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Frequently Asked Questions


Hourly Rate $150

Recoil Pads $200

Leather-covered Recoil Pads $425


Boxlock $225

Sidelock & Auto $325

SHIPPING IS ADDITIONAL: Generally, $65 depending on the value of the gun

Other gunsmithing services are available upon request. Please contact us at 802-362-2580 with further questions.

All prices subject to change upon inspection.

Shotguns should be shipped via Insured Registered Mail or UPS. It is important that the gun is packaged such that the individual parts cannot move within the box or gun case. Custom fit foam, bubble wrap, towels, newspapers or other such systems can protect guns sufficiently. All shotguns must be returned to an FFL.

A description of the desired work, in as much detail as possible, should be enclosed with the shotgun along your name, address and phone number.

For the Address to Send Shotguns:

Please contact Greg Carpiniello 

By phone: 802-362-2580

By email: 

Do not write "Attention Gun Repair" or any other wording that could draw attention to the fact that the package contains a shotgun.

The gun shop will insure your gun for its estimated value for return shipping. Upon request, our gunsmiths can also provide a written, notarized appraisal of the gun for a $150 fee.