Jordan Smith at his workbench

Orvis Gunsmithing Services

Orvis Gunsmithing is overseen by the remarkably skilled and personable John Skinner. John has been at the bench and selling guns at Orvis for 40 years. John is a master gunsmith, shooting instructor, and gun fitter, as well as an accomplished big game and bird hunter. He specializes in all manner of repairs on field and sporting shotguns and is equally skilled repairing hunting rifles. John is a rare tradesman practicing a traditional craft, and he takes pride in maintaining personal contact with all his Orvis customers. He is available for consult on all repairs and upgrades.

Contact Details

Orvis Gunroom

Greg Carpiniello

Orvis Gun Department Manager


The intricate details of an Orvis ELOS over-under shotgun

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Frequently Asked Questions

Written appraisals

$150 per firearm

Strip, clean and lubricate

Starts at $175

Open fixed-choke barrels

Starts at $160

Hinge pin or lockup/put gun back on face

Starts at $250

Restocking: includes checkering and proper dimensions

Starts at $2000

Rust blue barrels

Starts at $500

Case coloring

Starts at $550

Install stock oval

Starts at $350

Engrave initials in stock medallion

Starts at $300

Stock refinishing

Starts at $900

Stock bending

Starts at $350

Standard leather covered recoil pad

Starts at $325

Pachmayr decelerator pad

Starts at $125

Checkered butt

Starts at $425

Scope mounting/bore sighting

Starts at $150

Firearm shipping/FFL transfers

Starts at $35

Download the list of Gunsmithing Services and Pricing.

Other gunsmithing services are available upon request.

Please contact us at 802-362-2580.

All prices subject to change upon inspection.

Shotguns should be shipped via Insured Registered Mail or UPS. It is important that the gun is packaged such that the individual parts cannot move within the box or gun case. Custom fit foam, bubble wrap, towels, newspapers or other such systems can protect guns sufficiently.

A description of the desired work, in as much detail as possible, should be enclosed with the shotgun along your name, address and phone number.

Address to Send Shotguns:

The Orvis Company

Attn: Jordan Smith

4182 Main Street

Manchester, VT 05254

Do not write "Attention Gun Repair" or any other wording that could draw attention to the fact that the package contains a shotgun.

The gun shop will insure your gun for its estimated value for return shipping. Upon request, our gunsmiths can also provide a written, notarized appraisal of the gun for a $150 fee.