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Orvis offers many services for our customers and partners, including catalog subscriptions and affiliate programs, product repairs, and in-store pick up for items reserved online. You'll also find information here on product recalls and privacy information.

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Orvis has been providing outdoor clothing, fly-fishing gear, luggage, and home goods since 1856. We are America's oldest mail order company offering the best guarantee in the business.

The Orvis Affiliate Program allows approved web sites to link to the Orvis online commerce site and earn a referral fee on any sales from that referred visit. This gives the affiliate site a virtual ecommerce business to round out the site’s offerings, while allowing the affiliate to focus on content pertinent to its area of expertise. The affiliate site can then offer the entire Orvis online catalog without support network, and investment of inventory incurring the expense of the extensive coding, dollars normally required to implement such an online offering.

For more information about our Privacy Policy or Product Recalls:

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